Friday, January 22, 2010

More and More 2010 Topps SP's Are Being Discovered Here and on the Bay!!!

The Topps Message Board reports of a member asking, "has anybody else gotten a 2010 brandon inge card? am i crazy or does it have ty cobbs face on it? also it shows his position as a pitcher..." (what???) Person has yet to put up a scan.

Reader Edgar Galvan sent an e-mail about a Willie Stargell SP with accompanying youtube vid (this before friend of the blog tdlindgren links an eBay auction for another example of the card).

Reader Sal pulls a Christy Mathewson card (found in the comments section)

Wicked Ortega pulls a Jackie Robinson card (found in the comments section)

We're up to at least seven confirmed with many more possibly out there. (Reviewing, we've seen Yount, Maris, Fisk, Young, and now Stargell, Mathewson, Robinson)

Keep the list coming. We might be able to compile a full list before the number one source in the hobby. (Ego, down boy. Down!!!)

I just have one question?

Is Alex Gordon the 2006 card in the "Cards You're Mother Threw Out" insert set? I have yet to see it come up anywhere.

And no, the Target by me didn't have any 2010 Topps out this morning.


JayBee Anama


TDLindgren said...

Here's a link to the Gordon:

Dan McAvinchey said...


I finally added the ability to view a set in numerical order at the Baseball Card Cyber Museum.

When viewing by Set (or Traded Set), you have the option of viewing cards in numberical order. Simply click the (#) link next to the set name to browse in card number order. You can then position to a card by number within that set.

This enhancement, along with the new Card Flow display, should be a big hit.