Tuesday, January 26, 2010

It Is Official!!! There Are 20 Legends SP's in 2010 Topps Series 1

On the far right, you'll see the last SP card found...Whitey Ford!!!

Ebay case breakers brentandbecca have opened up all their boxes, sorted out the cards, and have come up with a final tally of SP cards. And for a mere $379.99 via Buy it Now, all 20 cards can be yours!!!

The final checklist for the legends SP's in series 1:
  • #1b Hank Greenberg
  • #20b Warren Spahn
  • #50b Cy Young
  • #56b Whitey Ford
  • #80b Christy Mathewson
  • #85b Jackie Robinson
  • #90b Rogers Hornsby
  • #94b Carlton Fisk
  • #95b Rickey Henderson
  • #100b Stan Musial
  • #110b Willie Stargell
  • #116b Robin Yount
  • #125b George Sisler
  • #130b Reggie Jackson
  • #165b Joe Morgan
  • #175b Roger Maris
  • #200b Walter Johnson
  • #250b Lou Gehrig
  • #294b Babe Ruth
  • #300b Ryne Sandberg
Then you have one uniform variation (similar to the 2009 CC Sabathia card)
  • #222b Curtis Granderson NYY
And then finally four Pie in the Face cards:

  • #65b Nick Swisher PITF
  • #120b Jorge Posada PITF
  • #250c Mark Teixeira PITF
  • #422 Francisco Cervelli PITF
And you now have 25 SP cards to chase in 2010 Topps. Whew.

Topps included 25 short prints in 2009 Topps U & H, so it should be safe to call the SP set in series 1 done at 25 cards. For me, my priorities will be tracking down the 20 legends and Granderson. The PITF's will be something to consider if I'm able to get all 21 of the cards I want.

Okay ladies and gentlemen, we know what's out there, we know what to look for. Good luck.


JayBee Anama


TDLindgren said...

No Banks, huh? Looks like I'll have to wait and hope he's in Series 2. There are plenty to pursue in Series 1 though for me. Let the chase begin!

Victory Trading Cards said...

Any idea how many boxes/cases they went through to complete the SP set?

TDLindgren said...
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TDLindgren said...

There's a Robinson Cano (pie in the face) now on eBay. Here's the link:


Victory Trading Cards:

According to their auction the legends SP's are 1 in 4 boxes or 3 per case.

PhilM said...

Shouldn't both the PITF Cervelli and Cano be Series II releases? Or do you think these are these some sort of "advance" versions?

TDLindgren said...

Now you can add Johnny Damon to the PITF cards:


TDLindgren said...

Jerry Hairston Jr.