Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Expansion and Contraction on the Sports Card Blogroll.

Before I begin, let me proudly say that there are presently 278 blogs in the big Sports Card Blogroll. That's quite an achievement. Bringing all these great writers together makes our community strong. Each one with different opinions, different collections, different stories to share. If you notice in the new section "New in 2010, I have added fifteen blogs so far this year, and we're only through January. Granted, a number of them started last year, but either I've never seen them until now, or I didn't get the e-mail asking to be added in until this year. So if you have a sports card blog not on the roll, or know of one that's not on here, you have to let me know!!!

However, when a blog hasn't been updated in six months, it probably means their stories have come to an end. Every month, I post the blogs that will be removed from the active blogroll here for posterity. So although I've added some this past month, these will now be removed:

The links to these blogs will now be moved to the Blogs Being Removed from the Sports Card Blogroll section in the sidebar. If any of these are your blogs, and you plan on working on them again, please let me know so I can add them back to the blogroll.

So keep on posting. It is on us to help promote the hobby in 2010 and beyond.


JayBee Anama

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