Saturday, January 23, 2010

Last One for the Night...I Promise. Joe Morgan Has Been Found!!!

The Big Red Machine now has some representation on the SP Wantlist.

Add Joe Morgan to your SP Checklist as card #165. This brings the number of SP's found to 15 cards total.

I'm going to stop now. I need to get to bed. If anyone finds anymore, send a comment or an e-mail. But as of tonight, the checklist stands this way:

  • #20 Warren Spahn
  • #50 Cy Young
  • #80 Christy Mathewson
  • #85 Jackie Robinson
  • #94 Carlton Fisk
  • #100 Stan Musial
  • #110 Willie Stargell
  • #116 Robin Yount
  • #125 George Sisler
  • #165 Joe Morgan
  • #175 Roger Maris
  • #200 Walter Johnson
  • #250b Mark Teixeira "Pie in the Face"
  • #250c Lou Gehrig
  • #294 Babe Ruth
Good night all.


JayBee Anama


John Bateman said...

I am not big on horizontal cards but that one is great. I think that is Tim Foli in the photo. Foli was acquired by the Pirates in early 1979 and I think Morgan went to the Astros in 1980. So the photo must be from 1979.

Colin Tedards said...

Great Job on this list! Very cool, I didn't even know the set was out, maybe I better make a trip to Target!

The Drizz said...

curtis granderson as a yankee variation/sp. Ugh.

ManOfSteal said...

A Rickey Henderson SP popped up recently, it's card #95;