Tuesday, January 19, 2010

2010 Topps Pictures Stolen from the Bay!!!

Here's what we all get to look forward to in 2010!!!

(and please note that none of these cards are mine...YET!!!)

Can a Brewers fan please tell me what this is supposed to be???

The Turkey Red insert set. I don't know, I wasn't fond of the 2007 Turkey Red set...this might grow on me.

Oakland fans cover your eyes!!!

Rookies, rookies, rookies. Tiny rookie card logo. Maybe it's just the picture, but I thought that it would be a bit bigger.

Legendary Lineage makes a come back. This card, and others like it, remind me of that Pepsi commercial that shows images from the 60's/70's and now (that you stay....forever young).

And now I feel old.

They're out there. Good luck. Just do me the hugest favor won't you and save some for me???


JayBee Anama


The Drizz said...

what a great card!!!! the prince!!!! it was his walk-off hr celebration....http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ha2tTC-kGEU&feature=related

NMCLax24 said...

I don't plan on collecting this set. I might buy a couple packs of U&H when the time comes, and then I'll ask for the box set of series 1 &2 for xmas. I'm not really fond of the card layout.

As of now, the only card from the set that I have interest in is the Tales of the Game insert of "The Flip"

Turkey Red has lost me. Were any of the 09 TR inserts even actually painted by Dick Perez or were they all digital mock-ups?

I will however be collecting Heritage and Nat Chicle

Sooz said...

hmmm. someone wanna get me that Jeter card?

madding said...

That Fielder card pretty much sums up the Brewers and why I can't stand them.

The rookie card logo looks tiny because the team logo is SO ENORMOUS.

And my hope is that everyone gets into the Turkey Red inserts this year and starts going after the under-appreciated 2007 set, because I love that set.

Peterson said...

I must have the "bomb" card. I went nuts when I saw that celebration. God I love the big guy...

Jeremy said...

The legendary lineage cards look pretty cool. I'm not that excited about the TR's with the border.

Sharpe said...

"That Fielder card pretty much sums up the Brewers and why I can't stand them."

YES!! The Brewers have finally made it. Someone hates us. Unbelievable. I hope you are a Cubs fan or something along those lines.

I need that Prince card. Best celebration ever.