Tuesday, January 26, 2010

And Then There Were 22...

Friend of the blog, frequent commenter, all around good guy, and now official eBay auction reported tdlindgren (unpaid position Tim, sorry...) has just found two more SP cards in 2010 Topps

The first is of Rogers Hornsby.

The second is of Ryne Sandberg.

That brings the total of discovered SP's in 2010 Topps to 22 (18 legends, 1 uniform variation, 3 pies in the face).

Now I definitely want the Sandberg. If I don't get any other SP's from anybody in this set, I want the Sandberg!!!


End of Story!!!

If and when you can spare them, Tim, can you relay the card #'s for both cards?


JayBee Anama

1 comment:

TDLindgren said...

Thanks for the pub JayBee! Hey, maybe someday when Topps hires you to run the company, you can hire me to be your research assistant? :)

Looks like you already got the numbers for both Hornsby and Sandberg.

I'm personally going for the Ruth, Gehrig, Jackie Robinson, Walter Johnson, Musial, Hornsby...so far. I'm hoping there may be an Ernie Banks? How cool would that be!