Saturday, March 7, 2009

Counting on Other People to Whittle Down My Wantlists!!!

If we were still in the year 2004 (okay, years 2000-2007), I'd have nothing in a want list. Why??? Because I'd simply go on the Bay, or go on the Marketplace, or go to any card shop or show, and just buy whatever I needed. Unfortunately, I'm at a point now where as much as I'd like to do it, I can't just go out and spend as much on baseball cards as I'd like.

Maybe I'm growing up (finally...I'm turning 33 next week). Maybe I'm finally seeing the impact of my spending habits and how it's affecting my ability to pay for all the more important things in my life (like mortgage, utilities, FOOD!!!). Maybe I'm starting to realize that even I can't get everything that I want right away, and have to slow down and show some patience and restraint. Maybe I've gone crazy...I don't know. But lately, I've found myself scouring message boards, and other blogs, looking for the cards I want in my want list (which, by the way, is in the sidebar on the right...if you have anything, please contact me), and asking if the writer or original poster is willing to trade them to me. And for me, that takes guts, and a little humility.

I've never really gotten into trading for cards, especially on the Internet. It was always easier to buy them. No having to hassle or haggle with another person over "perceived value of cards." Not having to search for cards they need as I'm looking for cards I want. It was always easy to exchange money for cards. But now I see that I've been going about building my collection somewhat the wrong way. Because while I'm not going to stop buying cards (in the excess that I've displayed in the last ten years), what has happened is that I now have an abundance of cards that I do not even need. And it's getting harder just to get rid of them.

Maybe I should have just gone ahead and started trading from the get go. Build up that reputation now so that I'd have no problems finding people to trade with me. But because I started late in the trading game, I have to slowly build my reputation. I don't mind doing that though, we all had to start somewhere. I just wish I had done it sooner.

I am now in the middle of (I think) four or five trades at once. I have them all straightened out, and all but one are in the mail (I have an agreement with the gentleman who runs Cards on Cards for some more of the Target Legends cards...and his stuff will go out on Monday). I tip my hat to those traders who are able to keep up with double-digit transactions (meaning, ten or more different trades) at one time. I don't think I could do that. Yet.

To those in the blogging community who have sent me cards (and there are a number of you), thank you very much for the cards, whether I have already received them, or if they are on their way. I have never seen such greater generosity towards collectors in this Hobby than from the people who so passionately write about it.

To the esteemed members on my first and TRUE Internet home, the Topps Message Boards, thank you for now more than nine wonderful, trying, painful but glorious, years. While the current format (now coming up to its seventh year), is not a trading board, thanks to a lot of watching and reading to see who the good guys are, I feel I can trust enough people on the boards to make my trading experience truly satisfying.


JayBee Anama

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JoshSamBob said...

> But lately, I've found myself scouring
> message boards and other blogs, looking
> for the cards I want in my want list

Heh. I know that feeling... I only really collect one set, and there are at most 99 of each card (in some cases, 75), so scouring is pretty much all I do!