Saturday, March 21, 2009

Thanking the Hamiltonian For a Young SP Card.

I love the Sports Card Blogroll!!! It's because of the Blogroll that I've been keeping tabs on many bloggers who posted their pack and box breaks online. And it's because I read this one from The Hamiltonian that the next SP card from 2009 Topps Series I was acquired.

Tricia Hall, the lady who runs the Josh Hamilton site, posted somewhere (why I can't find the original post is beyond me) that out of one of her packs, she got one of the short-printed variation cards that I needed. I contacted her asking if she was willing to trade for it. After saying yes, what do I have to offer, I found a few cards that she needed from her want list, along with a couple of cards that I didn't see but thought she'd like (and yes, they were cards of Josh Hamilton). So I sent my end. She sent hers, and on Friday afternoon, this card arrived in my mailbox:

Cy Young #60.

So thanks, Tricia, for the Cy Young card. I now stand at nine total, with another 10 to go. I might actually make it before Topps Series 2 shows up.


JayBee Anama


Anonymous said...

Glad you got the card safe and sound. I received your package yesterday, I just haven't had time to scan and post the goodies.

Thanks for the trade.

Unknown said...

What is a "SP"???

Anonymous said...

I too have this same cy young card and i was wondering if you know the value of it?