Thursday, January 3, 2013

Thanks Scott!!! Looks Like the Mantle Mystery is Solved.

Scott Crawford may have come up with the answer to "Is This Real?: 1956 Bowman Mickey Mantle."

It seems that the card may have been an insert from a Baseball Cards Magazine from October, 1988. The theme was "The Cards that Never Were" and included a 1974 Topps "Washington Nat'l League" Dave Winfield, a 1952 Bowman Jackie Robinson, and the aforementioned 1956 Bowman Mantle.

An auction is on eBay right now for this exact panel with the Mantle card.  Here are the pictures:

That solves the mystery I guess. Unfortunately, because the card is an insert, specifically from a competitor that no longer exists, even The Number One Source in the Hobby won't even price this card. So I'm going to have to inform Mr. Flachs that his card is an insert and might not be worth much.


JayBee Anama

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