Monday, January 7, 2013

RIP Richard McWilliam

Okay, I give a lot of grief regarding the decisions made by the heads of that other card company, specifically the man who runs said company.  Today will not be that day.

I just caught on the SCBR feed that Richard McWilliam, the chairman of Upper Deck, passed away on Saturday of undetermined causes.  The man had health issues, it was widely reported that he had open heart surgery in 2008 and had heart disease.

Say what you will about how the company was founded.  Say what you will about the dealings that the company got themselves involved in, shady, legitimate, or otherwise.  But it has to be said that without the innovation that McWilliam and the group that founded Upper Deck introduced to the world of Sports Cards, the Hobby as we know it would simply not exist.

This humble little blog would like to send its condolences to the family and friends of Mr. McWilliam, and the employees of the Upper Deck company.

No matter how you feel about the man and his business dealings, today is a day to mourn and remember a man who truly changed the industry and how we collect today.


JayBee Anama

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