Monday, June 30, 2008

Bring Back Topps Major League Debut Sets!!!

So we have the campaign to bring back Topps Stadium Club. And it looks like Topps Stadium Club for baseball is becoming more of a reality, seeing that Topps brought it back for football and basketball.

If there is any set that I want to see brought back into production from the Topps Company, it is the Major League Debut set, not seen since 1992.

We've already seen Topps '52 Rookies product not once, but TWICE!!! It's a nice touch, seeing that the company is including every player that qualifies for that Rookie Card Logo in the sets. But it's getting repetitive, and extremely confusing. The MLBPA rules state that every player that makes his major league debut qualifies for that logo. What could be better than an entire set of players who made their debuts together in the same year? Think of it...Jay Bruce, Kosuke Fukudome, Evan Longoria, John Bowker, Johnny Cueto, together in one set of just guys who debuted in 2008. You won't be seeing guys like J. R. Towles, Radhames Liz, or Luke Hochevar et. al in this set because even though they qualify for that RC logo, they debuted the year before.

I know that the MLBPA has strict rules now (players debuting after September 1 cannot be included in sets in that same year), but even they have broken that rule in the name of marketing and sales. And I know that in 2008 and 2009 the two companies can only create 17 total products each. Please Topps, make room for this one?

And just like that campaign to bring Stadium Club, I am asking to do the following to bring back this beloved set (and don't mind if it looks like I'm stealing the ideas from Trader Crack, because that's exactly what I'm doing!!! Hey, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery right???):
  1. Write a letter to Topps, asking them to bring back the MLB Debut set.
  2. To emphasize the point, include a box score clipping of the game that your favorite team's player made his debut. Or even better, if you still have that copy of Topps Magazine that openly talked about how great a set this is, make a copy and mail that in as well.
  3. Mail your letter to: The Topps Company Inc. One Whitehall Street New York, New York 10004-2109
  4. To my fellow bloggers, please link this page, and tell the world of my cause (because you have a lot more readers than I ever will).

I will try to create a fancy logo this evening or tomorrow to add to your sites if you feel that this is an endeavor truly worth pursuing.

To the Topps Company, (I highly doubt you're reading this, but still, it's worth a shot), bring back the MLB Debut set. Replace the '52 Rookie set with this. For those of us who want to keep track of every player who debuted this season, we want this set back. These guys may never play another MLB game again, but at least allow them to be immortalized forever in an actual MLB product.

Thank you very much.


JayBee Anama

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dayf said...

If Topps uses that damn '52 design one more time I swear I'll punch a kitten.