Thursday, June 19, 2008

Babe Ruth a Topps Exclusive???

Okay, one of the members of the Beckett Message Boards is claiming that Topps has announced that Babe Ruth was the "one more player" that they were trying to sign an exclusive contract with CMG. You remember, it was the big deal where Topps signed the estates of 16 players away from Upper Deck. And then Topps sued UD for putting out cards with six of the guys.

Then the guy over at Sportscards Uncensored is saying the same thing.

Now I've been looking all over the wires, and I have yet to see this news come up yet.

DOES ANYBODY HAVE A SOURCE THAT CAN CONFIRM THIS??? I'm only asking because if that's the case, then Topps pretty much has the market for legendary players to themselves. Now if the MLBPA could allow them to create one retired set, akin to the All-Time Fan Favorites or Topps Retired Signature sets...


JayBee Anama

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Anonymous said...


I can't confirm anything "official" but I do know that Topps is giving away a eTopps Babe Ruth card at the National in July. I doubt they would produce a card of him without having him under contract. See below.

Sneak Peek Attendees to Receive

FREE Babe Ruth Card

eTopps Creates National Exclusive “Allen & Ginters” Ruth

Those first 3000 paid attendees at Wednesday Night’s Sneak Peek, will also receive a free Babe Ruth card, courtesy of eTopps and the 29th National while supplies last. The exclusive eTopps Ruth card has been created in the classic Allen & Ginter format. The 29th National Sneak Peek begins Wednesday, July 30, 5-9 PM.

“It is exciting to be able to give each attendee of the National’s Sneak Peek Night, this beautiful and National exclusive Babe Ruth card,” said National co-show manager, Bob Wilke. “Thanks to eTopps, Wednesday night attendees are going to receive something special and very collectible.”

For further information regarding the 29th National, Sneak Peek Night, the Free eTopps Babe Ruth card and the National Coupon Booklet, visit