Monday, June 2, 2008

More Cards to Look for in Topps Series II

And a sixth card has now entered the mix:

Check out the middle card. It is of Johan Santana and the words "Santana Tosses Mets 1st No-No" above it." According to Cardboard Mania, the back states that this will occur on September 28, 2008. This would happen to be the final game at Shea Stadium against the Florida Marlins. Now the Mets in their 46-year history (as of today) have never been involved in a no-hitter. How funny that the Topps Company would create a highlight card for an event that has not happened yet. finally has the story online. According to Topps spokesperson Clay Luraschi, there are only the six short printed cards:

  • The Arnold Schwarzanegger 2012? card
  • The Al Gore Presidential Candidate card
  • The Alexei Ramirez Cuba WBC card
  • The Kosuke Fukudome Japan WBC card
  • The Yasuhiko Yabuta Japan WBC card
  • The Johan Santana #661 Highlight card

He wouldn't release quantities, only say that they are extremely shortprinted. Well, if these cards are easier to find than the Barry Bonds card I've been searching for, I should have no problem finding them on eBay!!!

The Hobby Blogosphere is fuming over these latest developments, all the while, the case breakers who have found these are just throwing them on eBay at ridiculous prices. I'm going to wait until the hype dies down (the same thing happened with the Uzuki scandal). If the bloggers are now saying that they don't want to buy Topps, then that's their choice. I'm excited and can't wait to see the cards live at a show or on eBay at reasonable prices.


JayBee Anama

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