Monday, June 23, 2008

Answering Some Recent Comments. Keep Them Coming.

As more and more people discover my humble little blog, they have been leaving me comments. Instead of responding to comments in the comments field, I will just create a blog post from time to time responding to them. Here goes.

To 1977topps, who commented on my review of 1978 Topps, thank you for your comments, and I'm happy to hear that you look forward to the Set of the Week. I should have been a bit more clearer when I said that the design was plain and bland. While yes, the design is plain, I was trying to compare the set design to Topps' other efforts earlier in the decade, and that compared to those earlier designs, this had a simple design. Someone said when I first started in the blogging game that if I had people disagreeing with me (from time to time), then I'm doing something right.

To tdlindgren, I appreciate the update on the Ruth situation. I could not find anything that showed that the Babe was now or going to be a Topps exclusive. I think the FanFest sneak peek pretty much confirms it now right???

To Chris Harris, the Stale Gum mastermind, heck yes, I still think gimmick cards are a good idea. I have the other five (at least they're coming in the mail), and this was the last one. I don't mind waiting. I mean, I waited patiently until the Poley Walnuts card dropped in price, and hopefully this week my 2007 Topps U&H Jacoby Ellsbury card will be coming too. I am hoping that this shows up as a surprise in the 2008 Topps Factory sets.

Is it bad form to ask now if I could be added to your blogroll???

And finally, to Big Daddy. I actually read a Chicago Tribune article on Father's Day about dads/sons with Chicago connections. The Swishers (Steve/Nick) and the Raines (Tim Sr/Jr) were mentioned and I forgot to put them on my list too. That's what I get when my mind spaces out.

Thank you all for your comments. Please keep them coming. It's nice to know that I have an audience (okay ego, settle down).


JayBee Anama

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