Sunday, June 1, 2008

Response to a Comment Regarding ToppsTown

Dear Anonymous:

I appreciate your comment regarding me stating that I was moving to ToppsTown. And I do truly understand your concern when you stated:

"ToppsTown is really meant for kids. Can we adults please stay out of it and let the kids have their fun?:

This comes directly from the About ToppsTown (the FAQ) section of the website:

Who is ToppsTown™ for?
ToppsTown™ is designed for all ages 6-up.

Why ToppsTown™?
ToppsTown™ was created to gets kids more involved in the safe and fun world of trading cards. Over the years, collecting and trading cards has diminished. We're hoping that our new generation of "cyberkids" can carry on the tradition, whether online or with actual cards.

Is it safe?
Yes. Names are all made up. There is no direct contact between players. Trading is a yes-or-no proposition.

The site itself is set up so that there really is no communication between members who join the site. While it is truly marketed for kids and teens, and it should be fun for them too, if the Topps Company did not want any adults registering onto the site, then they would have stopped me from registering as soon as I entered my birthday (which was the first thing the site asked for before I could even register...I'm not some kind of creep who would make up a date just to join, although I can only imagine others doing so).

As the FAQ stated, there is no direct contact between players. When I was on the site, I found myself alone in many of the games. There is no chat room, and the only thing that involved "interacting" with other members was their virtual trading site, and even that was just an 'if you have a card this person wants, click here' kind of thing.

I commend the Topps Company for ensuring the safety of kids who will register online. This is their answer to the Upper Deck kids site. But, just like that site, I can pretty much assure you that adults are the ones posting the high total of codes or points.

I am going to continue to play around on the site. I have the codes, what am I supposed to do, throw them out? Besides, I don't think the codes can be used more than once anyway. So giving them to kids AFTER I enter them would be moot.

Again, I thank you for your comment, and I respect your opinion. I have kids, and I wouldn't want them to enter sites that would jeopardize their safety. So I do look at the sites they join. And from what I have seen, the companies go to great lengths to ensure safety for the kids who join, and I am confident that the sites are safe for them to be left unsupervised (and I mean that I would be standing over them otherwise).

This Hobby was, and still is, meant for kids. The site, while marketed for youth, is welcoming anyone to join. It was my choice to register. I highly doubt that I will spend the time to rack up points as I am not either computer savvy to do it. Besides, I'm in it for fun, not for points (although I could use some more to update my room).


JayBee Anama

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