Monday, June 23, 2008

If You've Ever Wondered Why Mike Sweeney Does Not Send Your Cards Back TTM...

Please be careful when sending cards through the mail to Mik e Sweeney. Mark Sweeney might be getting them.

For those who are TTM'ers (through the mail), you know the excitement of getting a card back that you had mailed to a player requesting a signature. Knowing that many "active" players do not have enough time in the day during the baseball season to honor these requests, just getting one back is a complete thrill.

Now, imagine if you were a Mike Sweeney fan. You find that one baseball card that you think would look great if he autographed it. You write your little note (I'm a big fan, have a good season...yada yada yada), you insert the note, the card, and a return envelope into a large envelope, and mail it. Then you wait. And wait. And wait. And wait even more. And it never comes back.

Maybe it's lost. Maybe he's too busy and will get to mail later. Maybe he'll wait until after the season is over. Maybe he has not made his almost annual trip to the DL yet. All are good reasons.

Or how about...

Maybe you sent his cards to MARK SWEENEY instead.

It apparently happens. The good news is that both Sweeneys (not related) are friends. So let's hope that Mark remembers to give Mike the cards. And who knows. Maybe Mike has some that Mark needs to sign too.


JayBee Anama

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