Monday, February 15, 2010

The Unlocking Has Begun!

Put the torches and pitchforks away people. I have just been informed that the Topps Million site ( is now up and running. Please read the update from Stormsurge, who sent me the e-mail below.


Date: Mon, 15 Feb 2010 13:30:41 -0500
Subject: The Unlocking Has Begun!

Just in case you weren't aware...
I brought 3 cards with me to unlock at work. More to come tonight.
1993 Chris Colon
1985 RB Bruce Sutter
1985 Craig McMurtry

JayBee Anama
P.S. The "Oy..." comment came from stormsurge. jba I'll be adding mine later this evening. The results will be posted after next week at which time I will give the Topps Card Randomizer the next couple of weeks off (I have 16 of these to work with). jba


Stormy said...

Don't get me wrong, I'm still very excited by this whole promotion, but I was hoping to land some older cards, specifically ones I don't already own. (Colon is new, so that's good.)

TDLindgren said...

I got a 1995 Rich Rodriquez from the Cardinals! I think they should have a contest for worst possible card to get in the promotion. I may be leading so far! :)

Anonymous said...

I've seen some decent stuff come out of it. I was happy with mine... But I've also seen some really horrid/hilarious stuff too. More of that than the decent, of course.