Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Random Topps Card of the Day: 1989 Topps #615 Robin Yount

We're giving the Topps Card Randomizer the week off so we can highlight seven cards redeemed from Topps' Million Card Giveaway. Introducing the Random Topps Card of the Day for Tuesday, February 23, 2010:

  • Official Card Set Name and Card Number: 1989 Topps #615.
  • Player Name, position, team: Robin Yount, outfielder, Milwaukee Brewers.
  • Major League Debut: April 5, 1974.
  • Last Line of Statistics: 1988 stats (Brewers): 162 G, 621 AB, 92 R, 190 H, 38 2B, 11 3B, 13 HR, 91 RBI, 22 SB, .465 SLG, 63 BB, 63 SO, .306 AVG.
  • Any special information about player: Drafted by Brewers #1st, June 1973. Bats: right, Throws: right.
  • Any special information about this specific card: Yount's fifteenth regular Topps card (total does not include any league leader, super veterans, record breakers, or all-star cards). I've made no secret that I love...LOVE...Topps' 1989 design. I mean look at it: large picture, appropriate team colored border, beautiful script text for the team name, the player's name in the ribbon below. It doesn't get any better than that right??? Yes, they made millions of 1989 cards, but this is the set that really got me started in collecting. And the year before, Yount had a career year. A .306 average, led the league in games played and triples. He even hit 13 GW-RBI's in 1988. He was one of the best in 1988, which explains why he was inducted into the HOF ten years after this card was made.
  • Lo-Hi Beckett value: $0.15-$0.40.
  • How many cards of this player do I own?: 51 cards.
Tomorrow's card will be: 1980 Topps #622. Post will arrive at 1:00 PM CST. We're looking back at a card from 1980 on the blog tomorrow.


JayBee Anama

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