Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day/Chinese New Year!!!

No, it's not December (never understood why we only say that during the winter time, as if there are no other holidays during the rest of the year.

But today is February 14. It is St. Valentine's Day. So in honor of the day, introducing the "All-Valentine" Team:

P: John Candelaria ("The Candy Man")
P: John Candiotti
P/OF: Candy Cummings (William Arthur Cummings)
P: Ron Darling
P: Ben Flowers
P: Wes Flowers
P: Slim Love (Edward Haughton Love)
P: Brian Rose
P: Don Rose
P: Candy Sierra (Ulises Sierra)
P: Corky Valentine (Harold Lewis Valentine)
P: Joe Valentine
P/OF: John Valentine
P: Vito Valentinetti
C: Tyler Flowers
C: Val Picinich (Valentine John Picinich)
C: Mike Rose
1B/SS: Candy LaChance (George Joseph LaChance)
2B: Cupid Childs (Clarence Lemuel Childs)
2B/3B/SS: Jake Flowers
2B/3B/LF: Bobby Rose
3B/1B: Joe Stripp (Joseph Valentine Stripp)
3B: Julie Wera (Julian Valentine Wera)
SS/2B/OF: Candy Nelson (John W. Nelson)
OF: Beau Allred
OF: Candy Maldonado (Candido Maldonado)
OF/3B/1B: Pete Rose (I'd be shot if I didn't include him here)
OF: Fred Valentine
RF: Val Robinson (Alfred Valentine Robinson)
RF: Ellis Valentine
MGR/SS/OF/2B: Bobby Valentine

Not only is today Valentine's day, but today is also the day the Chinese celebrate New Year's Day. This year, it's the year of the Tiger. So in honor of Chinese New Year, I present a card from one of my favorite insert sets of all-time:

So Happy Valentine's Day Everyone!!! Xin nian hao (Happy New Year)!!!


JayBee Anama

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