Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Since Everybody Is Doing It...I Will Too. Or...What I Got from the Million Card Giveaway!!!

Well, it took some doing, but I finally was able to redeem my 16 cards. I was thinking of giving the randomizer a break, and I think I can still do that. But instead of doing 16 random cards of the day, I'll reveal nine redeemed cards now, leave a preview of the other seven, and then next week use the rest for the card of the day.

So without further ado, the 9 cards I'm admitting to have redeemed:
  • 1969 Topps #23 Lew Krausse
  • 1971 Topps #307 Don Wert
  • 1972 Topps #234 Ron Taylor
  • 1973 Topps #382 Mike Hegan
  • 1987 Topps #273 Gene Nelson
  • 1991 Topps #131 Checklist 1 of 6 (that's right, I won a checklist!!!)
  • 2002 Topps #714 Roger Clemens AL Cy Young Award
  • 2009 Topps #394 Barry Zito
  • 2009 Topps #453 Javier Valentin
Here is the preview of the seven cards for next week's Topps Card of the Day:
  • Monday: 1987 Topps #430
  • Tuesday: 1989 Topps #615
  • Wednesday: 1980 Topps #622
  • Thursday: 1976 Topps #507
  • Friday: 1993 Topps #24
  • Saturday: 1985 Topps #30
  • Retro Sunday: 1967 Topps #340

I was very surprised with the variety of cards I won. I could have sworn that I'd be stuck with a bunch of 1988 Topps or some such thing. Kind of disappointed by "winning" a checklist. It probably wouldn't have been bad. I would have been happy with a checklist from let's say 1975 or earlier (especially if it's unchecked...), but a checklist from 1991??? And it's the corrected one??? Yeesh.

Oh well. Cards are up for trade. Send me a line at the usual e-mail address if you're interested in trading for any of the cards from 1976 on.


JayBee Anama

P.S. First person wanting a trade will get the checklist for free...no questions asked!!! jba

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SqueezePlayCards said...

That is the first checklist I have heard of someone pulling. That is a tough one.