Friday, February 5, 2010

Why Am I Not Surprised??? Twelve Pie Cards??! Go Figure.

Thanks again to Trader Crack'sfor breaking the story.

When the first Yankees "Pie in the Face" variation card (I think it was Teixeira) popped up on eBay, I thought it was just a one time thing. Then a second one showed up. Then a third. Then a fourth, Francisco Cervelli, showed up with a card number that meant it was for series 2.

It made me wonder What??!

Then three more cards showed up on the Bay. So after those cards showed up, I did a bit of research. It turns out that the PITF's were a new thing for the Yankees, thanks to pitcher A. J. Burnett. The Yankee player responsible for the game ending winning hit (not necessarily a home run) would get pied. The Yankees had 15 of these walk of wins in 2009. I listed the "victims" on an earlier post.

But now today, it's been confirmed that Topps inserted 12...that's right...TWELVE...of these PITF cards. The checklist (no card numbers as the others have not been found yet, but with dates of said celebration included):

Alex Rodriguez-5/16/09
Johnny Damon-5/17/09
Jorge Posada-7/4/09
Hideki Matsui-7/20/09
Alex Rodriguez-8/7/09 (so he got pied twice, and gets two cards to show for it)
Robinson Cano-8/12/09
Robinson Cano-8/28/09 (so he got pied twice, and gets two cards to show for it)
Nick Swisher-9/8/09
Francisco Cervelli-9/16/09
Juan Miranda-9/29/09
Mark Teixeira-10/9/09
Jerry Hairston, Jr.-10/17/09

So Girardi? No Luis Castillo Mets variation? Where is card #15??? Who cares??!

Again, I'm not going to bother attempting to collect these. It wouldn't be the first time I've decided not to go after short printed cards in a Topps set, and it most likely won't be the last. So Yankee fans, GO NUTS!!!


JayBee Anama


Bo said...

You do realize that the Castillo pie-in-the-face was an internet joke and didn't actually happen, right?

Joe S. said...

I dont get why people are so against SPs in Topps. If you don't like them, don't collect them and move along. I, for one, NEVER go after SPs as part of a set and either trade or sell them if they're pulled.