Monday, February 1, 2010

2010 Topps Series 2 Sell Sheets are Live!!!

It has only been a couple of week since 2010 Topps Baseball Series 1 went live, and now the sell sheets for the 2010 Topps Series 2 product are now live!!!

They are really selling the point of being MLB's exclusive baseball card manufacturer. And though the images were already shown last week, it's nice to see how it all fits on the sell sheets.

Product information can be found here.

The initial checklist (subject to change...) can be found here.

Things I like:

The Cards Your Mother Threw Out continues in series 2 with 58 new reprints:

CMT59Phil Rizzuto1952
CMT60Mickey Mantle1953
CMT61Al Kaline1954
CMT62Yogi Berra1955
CMT63Ernie Banks1956
CMT64Whitey Ford1957
CMT65Duke Snider1958
CMT66Warren Spahn1959
CMT67Willie McCovey1960
CMT68Brooks Robinson1961
CMT69Roger Maris1962
CMT70Harmon Killebrew1963
CMT71Eddie Matthews1964
CMT72Carl Yastrzemski1965
CMT73Gaylord Perry1966
CMT74Jim Bunning1967
CMT75Rod Carew1968
CMT76Nolan Ryan1969
CMT77Johnny Bench1970
CMT78Frank Robinson1971
CMT79Juan Marichal1972
CMT80Reggie Jackson1973
CMT81Willie McCovey1974
CMT82George Brett1975
CMT83Dennis Eckersley1976
CMT84Tom Seaver1977
CMT85Eddie Murray1978
CMT86Paul Molitor1979
CMT87Joe Morgan1980
CMT88Rickey Henderson1981
CMT89Steve Carlton1982
CMT90Tony Gwynn1983
CMT91Ryne Sandberg1984
CMT92Robin Yount1985
CMT93Mike Schmidt1986
CMT94Don Mattingly1987
CMT95Darryl Strawberry1988
CMT96Randy Johnson1989
CMT97Frank Thomas1990
CMT98Ken Griffey, Jr.1991
CMT99Cal Ripken1992
CMT100Ozzie Smith1993
CMT101Bo Jackson1994
CMT102Babe Ruth1995
CMT103Manny Ramirez1996
CMT104John Smoltz1997
CMT105Derek Jeter1998
CMT106Alex Rodriguez1999
CMT107Chipper Jones2000
CMT108Mariano Rivera2001
CMT109Joe Mauer2002
CMT110Cole Hamels2003
CMT111Ichiro/Albert Pujols2004
CMT112Andre Ethier2005
CMT113Justin Verlander2006
CMT114Derek Jeter2007
CMT115Ryan Zimmerman2008
CMT116Rick Porcello2009

And this time, they're letting us know which legends are going to be included as shortprints in series 2. Although this kills the fun we all had searching for series 1 SP's, here is the list (subject to know it has to):

340Cal Ripken, Jr.
350Pee Wee Reese
360Richie Ashburn
370Thurman Munson
380Mel Ott
390Johnny Mize
400Honus Wagner
410Frank Robinson
420Dale Murphy
430Dizzy Dean
440Nolan Ryan
450Eddie Mathews
460Jimmie Foxx
470Mickey Mantle
480Tom Seaver
490Roy Campanella
500Tris Speaker
510Eddie Murray
520Ozzie Smith
530Ty Cobb
540Ernie Banks

Notice how each card is 10 numbers apart? I somehow doubt that's going to be the card number for each player when the product comes out. And if you didn't click on the product information sheet, it says that each of the 20 cards have a print run of 3,000 each!!!

Product goes live the week of May 24th, 2010, until otherwise noted. Stay tuned for more developments as they happen.


JayBee Anama


TDLindgren said...

Good stuff as always. I'm happy to see Banks as one of the SP's, that'll be a must have for me. Also, Ripken Jr., Cobb, Ryan, Frank Robinson and hey they actually are doing a Mantle SP! So, those eBay auctions with Mantle SP will FINALLY be correct!

Probably won't get the whole set of Card Your Mother Threw Out, but will probably pickup a few of the singles.

GOGOSOX60 said...

Man I wish Topps would reprint the 1967 Brooks Robinson card. That's a tuff card to find anywhere cheap and I would love that 1967 card in my collection.

Also why so many McCovey cards? Where's the 1975 Carlton Fisk card??

Some 2sd tier HOF'ers like a 1974 Goose Gossage would be a cool card.

Old Topps cards are more than just the superstars but the average stars that had decent careers and popular with fans. Where's Don Drysdale??

The Drizz said...

what's up with the cymto porcello? i dare my mom to throw out my 2009 cards!

Play at the Plate said...

Good info!

Eddie Z said...

Just opened a pack of series 1 and found #490 Eddie Murray 1981 reprint. Strange because 490 is way out of the series 1 number range - but a nice surprise.