Friday, February 5, 2010

A Quick Response to Bo

Bo just made a comment asking me if I knew that the Luis Castillo "Pieing" was an internet joke.

I could lie and say yes, as later research indicates that of the 15 Yankees Walk Off wins, there was no Pie in the game involving the Mets second baseman dropping the ball.

I mean think of it this way, both Burnett and Castillo were teammates with the Marlins (the same Marlins who beat these Yankees in the WS in 2003), so it's not as if they didn't know each other before. So it wouldn't have surprised me one bit if this actually happened.

But the official answer is, no, I didn't realize it was an internet joke (now I have pie in my face...go figure). But (being ever so sarcastic here mind you), don't put it past Topps to whip one up anyway (pun intended).


JayBee Anama

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madding said...

Well, if this thing gets big enough, Topps will probably photoshop one together anyway.