Thursday, July 9, 2009

What I'm Going to Want from the 2009 Topps FanFest

Okay, so I'm a Cubs fan...and the All-Star Game is in St. Louis, home of my team's divisional arch (pun intended) rivals the Cardinals. And although I like the Cardinals less than I do the other baseball team supposedly from Chicago, it does not mean that I will refuse to want to add the FanFest cards that they are going to be exclusive to this year's All-Star gala to my collection.
Today, the five exclusive cards that are to be given away as part of the annual wrapper redemption (three packs this year of Topps or Bowman, but for some reason they specifically said no Topps Attax packs), made their initial appearance on hobby news sites. The cards are of the usual suspects: Albert Pujols, Ryan Ludwick, Rick Ankiel, Yadier Molina, and Khalil Greene. All but Molina appear both here and as bonus cards included in the Factory sets (Chris Carpenter appears in the factory sets).

There will also be two relic cards given out if people buy and break a full box of Topps/Bowman product (again, not Topps Attax). These are patch cards featuring All-Stars Ryan Howard and Ichiro Suzuki as subjects.

And finally, anybody who buys the All-Star Factory set gets an exclusive Albert Pujols All-Star Game patch card.

I can't wait for the exclusives to show up on the Bay. With the possible exception of Pujols, these cards should pop up relatively cheap online. Not too fond of the relic cards (as usual), but as in recent years (since 2005 for me), the five-card set is a must.


JayBee Anama

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