Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Sports Card Blogroll Moves on Without...

I don't think I've added any new blogs to the Sports Card Blogroll in the last couple of weeks. Or if I have, it's been few and far between. That's not a good thing as I'd like to add more links to the big blogroll than I have to remove due to inactivity. If you, or someone you know, has a blog that's not on the roll, please send me an e-mail at bdj610@hotmail.com. I'd love to add them.

Anyway, it's that time of the month again where I have to remove a few more blogs due to six months of inactivity. By now, you know how this works. I'll link them on here so that you can all see what they were about, and at least give them one last shot at recognition. The Sports Card Blogroll sadly says goodbye to:
What's even scarier is that there are a number of blogs that are already at the five month threshold, and are prime candidates for removal next month. If you have a blog, keep writing. If you want your blog added to the big Blogroll, drop me a line. I'm starting to worry that this blogging thing may have finally peaked and is all just going to go downhill from here if not plateau. Let's not have this happen please. Thanks.


JayBee Anama


Joe S. said...

Seem to me that it comes in waves. For every 10 new blogs, only one or two actually stick around. A lot of people like the idea of a blog, and they write their first entry all excited with ramblings of what they're going to be writing about... and that's it.

Some times people just fail to realize how time consuming it can be, and that's perfectly fine. Other times I think people just fail to plan things out and don't have as much material as they'd thought. Then, they get discouraged when they're not immediately getting hundreds of hits per day. It takes time! And if you think you're going to make money out of this, you may as well not even start. Keep it a hobby and you'll be fine!

Either way, I'd much prefer those 10 new ones only to see them dissipate than nothing new at all.

night owl said...

A few you could add, most fairly new (see, we're not dying!), some not:

Baseball State of Mind

Card Cluster

Project Phillies

Core Contrarian

1980 Topps Baseball

A Giant Blog

No One's Going to Read This Blog

Cobb and Halladay

Baseball Card Recollections

Enough Already

The Collectiholic

The Pursuit of Baseball Card Wisdom

Daniel Wilson said...

I sent you an email about adding my blog. Better than Beckett -

Tom said...

Thanks for mention, night owl!

I try to keep The Collectiholic updated at least once a week. I have tons of stuff to post, but don't want to have it distract me from my main blog devoted to the Astros.

I agree with Joe S. I believe too many people lose interest if they are not getting a lot of hits and it hurts thier ego. Sure, comments and such are great but to me posting a favorite card are doing the extra research on a player (even though their might not be much on a particular player) makes it all worth it. I'm having fun...and that's all that matters!

Jeremy said...

Thanks for the recommendation Night Owl. The blog postings do seem to come in waves. I'm really glad to find out about the blog roll, now I'll have a lot more blogs to read.

skoormit said...
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skoormit said...

EX-MT is now open for business.