Friday, July 17, 2009

That Didn't Take Long. Congrats to Nick and Mike for Cracking the Ginter Code.

If you're thinking of doing this now, I'm sorry to say this, but you're too late!!!

Okay, so I haven't bought any of this year's edition of Topps' Allen & Ginter product yet. Traditionally, (and possibly much to the chagrin of the girls at Dinged Corners) I wait and buy a full set of Allen & Ginter off the Bay, SP's and all. And looking at the prices that these sets are commanding this year, I don't think I'll have a problem buying one by next week.

Especially, since the code has been cracked.


The Ginter Code has been cracked.

Please repeat?

All right.


What was first announced as a possiblity on the Freedom Cardboard (to the shock, dismay, and disbelief of the members of said board), has now become a reality. Two gentlemen, from opposite sides of the country, worked together and in one weekend, managed to solve the code, send their response to Topps, and have now been confirmed as this year's code breakers!!!

Congratulations to Nick Jacoby and Mike Gellner of JD's Wild Cardz for being the fastest to crack the code. In response to my e-mail to JD's Dad (the JD, for those curious, stands for Jacoby Dustin...coincidence or destiny???), Mike says that Nick entered the answer, so he is the official winner, but we both know and have said all along it was a joint effort, and we truly helped each other out 50-50." Either way, you both deserve credit for the win.

At 100 cards for the code contest, Topps must have thought this would have been an even bigger challenge than last year (and would take a lot longer to solve). But it seems that every eBay seller scanned all 100 cards, so "acquiring" them must not have been too hard to do (why didn't I think of that...). Maybe next year, if Topps decides to do this again, maybe they should consider ensuring that the code breaker either actually has all the cards on hand, or put that black plastic film that they used on those Mystery Finest cards from the late 90's so that it becomes a bigger challenge...

Wait, I'm getting ahead of myself. I don't think anyone would want to make this too hard...

I can't wait to see how you boys did it. Congratulations again. I think Jason Wong will be commenting about this some time soon.


JayBee Anama


AceWild said...

I thought getting all the codes from ebay pics but i have no idea how to solve codes

2008 Ginter Code Champion said...

Mike did email asking me a few questions and I did congratulate him. I haven't even started getting any Ginter Code cards. I have been spending too much time trying to get my card more then the Ginter Code card. Congrats to the two for cracking the code this soon!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the shot out!

-Nick Jacoby

David said...

That is the value of teamwork. Well done guys!