Thursday, July 2, 2009

Another Round of Updates to the Sports Card Blogroll.

I have added another bunch of new blogs to the big Blogroll, but sadly, it's time once again to say goodbye to those who have not had updates in the past six months.

As always, I am linking them here, so you can see what they were about before the inactivity. So take a look and say farewell to the following blogs from the roll:
Actually, one of the above blogs will not be going away. Because Ben Henry is one of the pioneers of our Hobby Blogosphere, and was the blogger that kept our Hobby relevant in the infant stages of the blogging community. Because his was the most popular baseball card blog that still gets tons of hits, even after six months of inactivity, I am adding his blog to the Sports Card Hall of Fame section of the sidebar. His final post, which put Casey at the Bat in baseball card form was a fitting sendoff for Mr. Henry.

I'll be honest, I was hoping that after his last post that he'd come back and post something, anything, to give me a reason not to remove him from the roll. He is such a talented writer, and had a way of putting fitting tributes to cards that most of us would blow past in the commons bin. For this, for being a pioneer, an inspiration, and the reason why we can blog about our Hobby, his blog is being added to the Hall. Many of us in the community miss you and hope that one of these days you make an appearance, whether on your blog, on our comments, or on a blog that features whatever new venture you've decided to immerse yourself. Congratulations Ben. Well deserved.


JayBee Anama

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