Friday, July 24, 2009

2009 Topps Updates and Highlights Information is Out!!!

The number one source in the hobby has scans and light information about the upcoming (and for this humble little blog, highly anticipated) 2009 Topps Updates and Highlights set. Here are the initial details.

Another 330 card set, with 180 traded/free agent players who switched teams, 55 rookies (more on those in a minute), 95 other cards that could include All-Stars (there were 72 all-stars on both rosters, including the injury replacements, and unless they include everybody, somebody's going to be left off again), the 8 home run derby participants, some season highlights (that perfect game from yesterday comes to mind), and possibly some playoff highlights (which I don't think they included last year).

Legends of the Games continues in series 3, along with more Ring of Honor cards, Career Best cards, and more World Baseball Classic inserts and relics (if you're into that), as well as 2009 All-Star relics and Stadium Stamp cards (something new).

There will be the traditional 55-card Topps Rookie Chrome Refractors that have been box-toppers the last four years (with my luck, I'll be getting my annual Florida Marlin RCR). The checklist, which probably will include all 55 rookies in the base set, is as follows (and remember, it is also subject to change):

CHR01 Bobby Scales
CHR02 David Hernandez
CHR03 Tommy Hanson
CHR04 Daniel Schlereth
CHR05 Gordon Beckham
CHR06 Sean O'Sullivan
CHR07 Chris Gimenez
CHR08 Kris Medlan
CHR09 Daniel Bard
CHR10 Xavier Paul
CHR11 Jesus Guzman
CHR12 Kyle Blanks
CHR13 Vin Mazzaro
CHR14 Jamie Hoffmann
CHR15 Carlos Corporan
CHR16 Jess Todd
CHR17 Wilkin Ramirez
CHR18 John Mayberry Jr.
CHR19 Sean West
CHR20 Gerardo Parra
CHR21 Brett Hayes
CHR22 Anthony Swarzak
CHR23 Tony Sipp
CHR24 Chris Coghlan
CHR25 Alfredo Figaro
CHR26 Blake Hawksworth
CHR27 Robert Ray
CHR28 Aaron Poreda
CHR29 Fernando Martinez
CHR30 Shane Robinson
CHR31 Graham Taylor
CHR32 Derek Holland
CHR33 Matt Maloney
CHR34 Barbaro Canizares
CHR35 Andrew McCutchen
CHR36 Fernando Rodriguez
CHR37 Tyler Greene
CHR38 Diory Hernandez
CHR39 Steven Jackson
CHR40 Landon Powell
CHR41 P.J. Walters
CHR42 Jordan Zimmermann
CHR43 Brad Bergensen
CHR44 Matt Downs
CHR45 Craig Stammen
CHR46 Ken Takahashi
CHR47 Matt LaPorta
CHR48 Omir Santos
CHR49 Esmerling Vasquez
CHR50 Mitch Jones
CHR51 Mark Melancon
CHR52 Brett Cecil
CHR53 Luke French
CHR54 David Huff
CHR55 Nolan Reimold

More information coming soon (I hope). I can't wait to see the sell sheets now.


JayBee Anama


madding said...

Last year there were definitely chrome rookies that were not in the base set. Also, I don't believe there's been any playoff highlight cards in the U&H set since 2006 because the release date is much earlier than it used to be.

The Drizz said...

**fingers crossed for an edwin jackson card** base and all-star perhaps?

steveisjewish said...

very much looking forward to a nice set to cap off a great year for the topps base set