Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A Plea to Fix and Save the Topps Message Boards. @toppscards

Dear Mr. Mader:
If you have not had an opportunity to see what is going on Topps' own message boards lately, it has not been pretty. 

The members, many who have been around since these boards were "new" back in 2002, have been inundated recently with spam.  And it's not the pretty kind either.  It's Russian Porn, Chinese black market dealers, and although the one moderator (from Prospero) does his best to remove these posts, sometimes action isn't taken for long periods of time, and the spammers continue to post garbage.
I know that many of the established board members are adults, but I can only imagine a number of children frequent the boards as well.  The lack of constant moderation, or for that matter, a lack of the ability to screen "new members," is downright appalling. 
Is there anything that can be done so that this doesn't continue?  I am afraid that many of the members will just up and leave, abandoning this site to the spammers and pornographers.  And it isn't going to make Topps' image look any better, even with all the hard work you've done lately giving Topps an online prescence (is it a bad thing that the Topps Blog doesn't even have a link to Topps' Message Boards?).
Please let me know if there is anything that can be done.  I'll be more than happy to pass along any information to the members who have been crying out for massive changes to the boards.  Thank you very much.


JayBee Anama

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1 comment:

bbcardz said...

Very nice! I hope somebody at Topps actually reads it. It's like Topps isn't even aware of the problem and thus doesn't have what it takes to fix it. I'm a longtime Topps baseball collector but have never been a fan of their message board due to that lack of moderation. If I had the time, I'd consider moderating their boards for them. I've been a mod for six years on SportCardForum.com, a site known for not tolerating unethical shenanigans.

Keep up the great work James!

Andy J.
SingleDaddyof2 - SportsCardForum.com