Thursday, April 29, 2010

Guess Who's Back in the NFL Football Card Business???

Well that didn't take long.

I'm sure you've already heard today that the NFL AND the NFLPA have given BACK the rights to produce football cards to the Topps Company. This move should make collectors of football cards breathe a huge sigh of relief since the news came that the other card company lost their rights, leaving Panini as the, up to now, only company making football cards.

Someone already mentioned that because (see Drew Brees card above), the base card shares the same design as the baseball card design, that Topps has is going to be lazy with their football products. Here's a question, "If Topps wasn't going to be in the football market, why would they have bothered coming up with a brand new design?"

I, for one, don't see a problem with the 2010 design. If it's good enough for baseball (and for that matter, the WWE), then why not for football? Don't make it sound like this is the first time that Topps utilized the same design (or concepts) for multiple sports (you'd have to go back to 1991 when Topps Baseball, Football, and Hocky had similar design elements). If a design is fantastic enough, and many have to agree that the 2010 design is great, why not use it in other products (okay, so 2008 wasn't one of the better designs of the decade, but still was pretty nice).

Along with the base set (and the inevitable Chrome set that collectors seem to love), plans for Topps Platinum, Finest, and Triple Threads are in the works. And just like in baseball with the wildly successful "Million Card Giveaway," Topps Football will have its own version of it called the Gridiron giveaway. Get a code, get a football card from Topps' 55 year history.

So it's a wonderful day for football collectors. Topps is back in the game. And the 55th consecutive Topps will be out just in time for the football season.


JayBee Anama

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