Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Topps Helping Kids Get Ready to Back to School???

So we know Topps has this program where a student (should be elementary/junior high age) goes to a card shop, shows off his or her report card, and the store owner gives a reward based on the grades the kid earned.

Now Topps is going one step further in our children's education.

I don't recall seeing these in my children's back to school supply list...but hey, anything for the kids!

In conjunction with the Fairfield Company, Topps has created these little packages that includes four packs of Topps Baseball cards (in this case, two packs each of series 1 and series 2) for parents to buy for their kids who, if you have school age children, are now facing three to four weeks of freedom before they head back to school. These cards were found at the local Target, with all the school supplies. These also came in Hanna Montana, Camp Rock, and High School Musical packages (and no, I didn't buy those...) as well. Each four pack of the baseball cards cards come with two exclusive Topps cards that can only be found in these packages. There are apparently 10 cards in this set (looking underneath, I could see the cards are numbered TB3, TB8). I found five of them:

TB3-Grady Sizemore
TB4-Ken Griffey, Jr
TB5-David Wright (with Mr. Met)
TB6-Ichiro Suzuki (with the Mariners Moose)
TB8-Chipper Jones

I am now going to go to other Targets to see if they have the other five cards in this set. And so help me, I get the eerie feeling that WalMart might be in on this too.

So the search continues.


JayBee Anama


dayf said...

Where the heck can you buy these??


Anonymous said...

Huh, never seen those before, that is good information!

Attention all Cubs fans, I'll be in Wrigley tomorrow...first time and I can't wait. I wish I could wear my Astros gear though. :)

Anonymous said...

That’s great Topps.! This type of programs are very useful for kids.

Anonymous said...

I can't see the number but we picked up a package with the Wright and Pujols cards. The Pujols card shows him holding up the number 5 banner during the countdown of the last days of the old Busch stadium in 2005. Tons of these at Targets throughout STL.