Sunday, July 13, 2008

One More Update on the Quest for the Series II Six...VICTORY!!!


2008 Topps #661 Johan Santana RARE No-Hitter Card MINT for $174.50

The quest for the infamous Series II Six is OVER!!! The check will be in the mail first thing tomorrow morning. There is one person I'd like to thank for being able to win this card:

Craig Parker from Texas. Craig, as mentioned on the Topps board, I am sorry about what I said in that now horrible post. I do appreciate your understanding and am glad that you were able to get the cards when you did before. You know what, I hope whenever this card comes up again, that you win them all and keep them away from that merkle923 guy.

I am happy to share my adventures in bidding and winning the six cards through this blog with the collecting world. At least with these posts I have an outlet for my jubilation and my frustration during the course of this quest. When I get the card, I will present for the first time on any site, a picture of the Series II Six together. It will be a historic day the likes of which may never be seen again...until the Updates and Highlights set comes in November anyway.


JayBee Anama

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dayf said...

wow... Good job, buddy!