Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy Fourth of July!!! Happy Birthday USA!!!

In honor of the United States of America's 232nd birthday, I present to you the only Score card that is tucked away in my Topps set binders. Because the Topps Company "retired" Mickey Mantle's #7, I had to be a bit creative to find something to fill in the pocket where the #7 card would be. Now I could have easily filled it with the 2006 Topps Mantle "retroprint" set, but since none of those cards were numbered 7 (and rightfully so), I didn't bother. I have used anything from a still unpeeled Topps Mystery Finest card (which by the look of the outline, it has to be a McGwire card), to a blue piece of paper (came with those baseball card displays, appropriately with my 2003 Topps set).

This card is from 1991 Score (oh my God, he actually admits to owning cards from 1991. Heck, don't we all have this set???). In honor of the US Armed Forces serving in Iraq in 1991, during Operation desert Storm, Score included an American Flag as part of their set (#737). Now, I do have a 1991 Topps Desert Storm USA Flag sticker, but it was a little bit darker. And I do have the 2007 Topps Allen & Ginter USA Flag card (part of that 50-card Flags of the World set), but it is an insert card. This card was actually included in the eponymous Score set (I never thought I'd say put eponymous and Score in the same sentence on this blog).

Actually, the guy over at Fielder's Choice had asked if I collected other brands besides Topps. I told him that I do have Score sets (and the traded sets...must have the traded sets) from 1990 and 1991, along with some other random Donruss, Fleer, and gasp, Upper Deck cards. But every collector had those sets, and I was young and didn't know any better. Now that I'm grown up (that's debatable), all I have, and all I collect, are Topps cards. Okay, back to the point.

Happy Birthday USA!!! Enjoy the fireworks people!!! Enjoy the barbeques if you go!!! And this afternoon, I'll type up that Insert Set of the Week. It's appropriate for today. Take a guess what it's going to be about...


JayBee Anama

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