Friday, November 20, 2009

I Might Not Be Able to Go to the Sun-Time Show This Weekend...

And I feel horrible about it. As has been the case for most of the summer, money has been tight, and priorities shifted. Money that would have normally been set aside for cards and the Hobby have gone to other, more important things.

But a couple of weeks ago, thanks to a bit of good timing, a bit of extra cash, and a much needed day off, I finally bought some cards that I've been waiting to get for some time. I now have master sets (base and basic insert sets) for both the 2009 Topps Updates and Highlights and 2009 Topps Allen & Ginter sets.

The 2009 Topps U & H set I purchased includes all 330 base cards, the 30-card Propoganda set (beautiful by the way), the 50-card conclusion to the Turkey Red continuity set, the 25-card conclusion to the Ring of Honor set, both 25-card Toppstown and Toppstown Gold sets, and the 25-card conclusion to the Legends of the Game set. That's 510 cards. I also bought a few U & H packs at Target and got one of the exclusive Legends cards (Roger Maris #LLG24).

So all I need now are the following cards and SP's and I can call my 2009 Topps Baseball set done (write these cards down and see if you have them please...):

2009 Topps MLB Short-Prints Series 2:

#353b Cal Ripken, Jr.
#475b Mike Schmidt
#476b Juan Marichal
#490b Nolan Ryan
#495b Brooks Robinson

2009 Topps Updates & Highlights Short-Prints:

#47b Duke Snider
#48b Roger Maris
#52b Bo Jackson
#65b Paul Molitor
#71b Rogers Hornsby
#71c Ryne Sandberg
#98b Honus Wagner
#103b Wade Boggs
#148b Tris Speaker
#150b Ty Cobb
#153b George Sisler
#186b Christy Mathewson
#198b Cy Young
#232b Nolan Ryan CAL
#232c Nolan Ryan NYM
#250b Johnny Mize NYY
#250c Johnny Mize NYG
#253b Reggie Jackson CAL
#253c Reggie Jackson OAK
#260b Willie McCovey
#281b Jimmie Foxx
#318b Rickey Henderson
#325b Frank Robinson
#330b Babe Ruth BSB
#330c Babe Ruth BOS

2009 Topps Walmart Legends of the Game Series 2:

LLP12 Jackie Robinson
LLP13 Babe Ruth
LLP14 Honus Wagner
LLP15 Lou Gehrig
LLP16 Nolan Ryan
LLP18 Thurman Munson
LLP20 George Sisler

2009 Topps Walmart Legends of the Game U & H:

LLP21 Babe Ruth
LLP22 Rickey Henderson
LLP23 Roger Maris
LLP24 Nolan Ryan
LLP25 Reggie Jackson
LLP26 Steve Carlton
LLP27 Tony Gwynn
LLP28 Paul Molitor
LLP29 Brooks Robinson
LLP30 Wade Boggs

2009 Topps Target Legends of the Game Series 2:

LLG13 Babe Ruth

2009 Topps Target Legends of the Game U & H:

LLG21 Rickey Henderson
LLG22 Ozzie Smith
LLG23 Babe Ruth
LLG25 Nolan Ryan
LLG26 Reggie Jackson
LLG27 Frank Robinson
LLG28 Ryne Sandberg
LLG29 Steve Carlton
LLG30 Johnny Bench

Meanwhile, the 2009 Topps Allen & Ginter set I now own consists of the 350 base cards (with all SP's), the 25-card Highlight Sketches set, and the 75-card National Pride set (I just concern myself with the regular-sized insert cards, I don't have the room or storage capabilities for the minis or the big cards). That's another 450 cards I now own.

I also was able to snag the five card retail-exclusive Rookie Variation cards (numbered JCP1-JCP5...must have been a JC Penney thing). The cards are of:

JCP1 Rick Porcello, Tigers
JCP2 David Price, Rays
JCP3 Koji Uehara, Orioles
JCP4 Colby Rasmus, Cardinals
JCP5 Jordan Schafer, Braves

After going over the numbers, I can now change the number of cards in the "bdj610's Official Card Collection Count Stands At" section to 44,621 cards and counting.

Wait, that doesn't sound right. The last count had the collection at 43,657 cards. I just added 966 cards to the collection. How did I wind up two cards short???

(taking a minute to double check figures...)

Okay, I see it. I did add 966 cards to the collection, but I miscalculated the number of series 2 SP's in the 2009 set (I have 12 of the 17 cards, not 14 as I had on the my spreadsheet). So the adjusted, and correct total now stands at 44,621.

So while I have some cards to put in binder sheets this weekend, I'm still ticked that I now don't have any extra funds to go to the show. And I could have used the show to whittle down the SP's. Oh well.


JayBee Anama

P.S. If anyone has any hobby factory sets (or if the Holiday Factory sets are out), and don't want the bonus Rookie cards, could you please let me know if you would be willing to send them my way too??? Between the two sets, there should be twenty cards total. jba


TDLindgren said...

The Sun Times show is an excellent show to attend, but it's also expensive with admission, parking, etc.

With money they way it is now, I would rather spend my money on cards on eBay than buying an admission ticket just for the possibility of buying cards.

I'm done with the SP's I wanted out of Updates and Highlights, so now I'm saving my money for 2010 Topps!

Brady James said...

You have the Paul Molitor SP?

Unknown said...

I have LLP24 Nolan Ryan if you're interested.

Unknown said...

I have the Nolan Ryan llp24 if interested.