Friday, May 22, 2009

Short Prints in 2009 Topps Series 2...Which Current Player was Paired with an SP???

As it stands now, Topps is honoring seventeen "Living Legends" in its flagship's Series 2 product. All of the players selected are Hall of Famers (or in one case, soon to be a Hall of Famer) and will each have short-printed cards. And just like the SP's in series 1, the seventeen legends are numbered as if they are part of the flagship set (as you will see below). So, which active player is being paired up with the legend?

For those keeping score, here is the official Series 2 SP checklist:
  • #340 Joe Mauer, #340b Wade Boggs.
  • #350 Dustin Pedroia, #350b Ryne Sandberg.
  • #353 Derek Jeter, #353b Cal Ripken, Jr.
  • #355 John Smoltz, #355b Jim Palmer.
  • #400 Alfonso Soriano, #400b Frank Robinson.
  • #415 Josh Beckett, #415b Bob Gibson.
  • #475 Chipper Jones, #475b Mike Schmidt.
  • #476 Edinson Volquez, #476b Juan Marichal.
  • #490 Joba Chamberlain, #490b Nolan Ryan.
  • #495 Eric Chavez, #495b Brooks Robinson.
  • #515 Gary Sheffield, #515b Reggie Jackson.
  • #520 Adrian Gonzalez, #520b Tony Gwynn.
  • #595 Vernon Wells, #595b Robin Yount.
  • #600 Jake Peavy, #600b Greg Maddux (which makes Maddux the only player to have a base card and an SP card in the set).
  • #610 Michael Young, #610b Paul Molitor.
  • #650 Cole Hamels, #650b Steve Carlton.
  • #660 Jacoby Ellsbury, #660b Carl Yastrzemski.
Perusing the Bay last night, I found many pictures of the SP's in this series. I know I sound like the biggest shill when I say that these cards look fantastic. So far, so good. Nothing on eBay (yet) showing big-time gimmicks or unannounced SP cards (yet).

The chase for these SP's is on, as I am already in talks to get two of these cards from other people (still need that Obama card). I haven't picked up my boxes of series 2 yet at the local shop, although Master sets are looking pretty cheap again...


JayBee Anama

P.S. Although I still have three more packs to break and post, I don't know how much I'll be able to get done on the blog during the next three days. With that, I'd like to wish everyone a safe Memorial Day weekend. jba


GOGOSOX60 said...

Yea, the Reggies are at least 20 bucks or more on taken in 1979 or 1989??

Costanza's Brother said...

Four O's in the Short Prints (assuming Frank Robinson is pictured in a Baltimore uniform)? Man, that's going to cost me some money!

dayf said...

#475 Chipper Jones, #475b Mike Schmidt

Awwww Yeaaaaaahhhh

jacobmrley said...

I have the Maddux from my jumbo box break, if you have anything you want to trade me. email me at

madding said...

I was hoping Ozzie Smith would be part of the the Series 2 legends or whatever, but it looks like it's not happening. I'm not sure what kind of contracts he has with whatever companies, though.

KMAL said...

Between the photo quality and the SPs, this is one of the strongest Topps sets in a long time. They really seem to have a finger on the pulse of what sells. I'm psyched to get my box of series 2.