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bdj610's 1987 End of Year All-Star Teams Simulated Games Results

I've been slowly but surely learning how to play the SBS simulation game, using my 1987 End of Year All-Star Teams. I've figured that the best way to determine which team wins would be to simulate seven games (six series between starters and one series where the lineups, starting rotations changed on a daily basis), by playing each one 10,000 times. The simulations go really fast, and unless you get that dreaded "Error: Box Score 70," play goes well without a hitch.

The first six games I simulated used each starting pitcher on both sides at least once, and all position players started a minimum of two games each. Here are the results:

  • Game 1: AL vs. NL, Bret Saberhagen vs. Rick Sutcliffe. The AL wins 5,454 games out of 10,000 simulations.
  • Game 2: AL vs. NL, Roger Clemens vs. Dwight Gooden. The NL wins 5,219 games.
  • Game 3: NL vs. AL, Orel Hershiser vs. Mark Langston. The NL wins 5,358 games (using a DH).
  • Game 4: NL vs. AL, Mike Scott vs. Jack Morris. The NL wins 5,127 games (using a DH).
  • Game 5: NL vs. AL, Fernando Valenzuela vs. Bruce Hurst. The NL wins 5,535 games (using a DH).
  • Game 6: AL vs. NL, Mike Witt vs. Sid Fernandez. The NL wins 6,174 games.
  • Game 7: AL vs. NL, anything goes. The NL wins 5,257 games.
But what about an actual game where everyone gets in, just like a real (before 2002) All-Star Game? Well, after multiple attempts, I finally figured out how to set it up so that I can use the other starting pitchers in the bullpen (it involved removing the games started number from the other pitchers...don't worry, I backed everything up). For the official All-Star Game, I decided to just simulate one game and one game only. The starting pitchers were Saberhagen and Sutcliffe and I let them pitch two innings. The rest of the pitchers would get one inning each (unless they struggled badly). The position players were replaced every three innings. No pinch hitters here, (as in previous tries, the pinch hitter is taken out of the game...I couldn't figure out how to double switch here).

The starting lineups, first for the American League (I'm using 1988 Topps cards because these are the cards I used to imagine my All-Star teams. You will see going forward that I use the following years cards for the previous year's teams):

Now the National League starting lineup:

Here is the result:

The 1987 NL All-Stars beat the 1987 AL All-Stars by a final score of 2-1 on a ninth inning walk off home run by...Ozzie Virgil!!!

The box score is below (Just click on the picture to take a closer look.

The scoring plays were like this:

Top 1: Rick Sutcliffe pitching. Rickey Henderson doubles. Cal Ripken flies out to Dawson (9). Wade Boggs walks. Runners advance on wild pitch. George Bell walks, loading bases. Dave Winfield walks, Henderson scoring.

Bottom 5: Bruce Hurst pitching. Bo Diaz hits a home run.

Bottom 9: Jay Howell pitching. Ozzie Virgil hits a home run.

Diaz hits a game tying home run in the fifth, Virgil hits the walk-off in the ninth.

A very low scoring affair indeed. If this game actually existed, the MVP would have definitely been Virgil. The rest of the NL staff didn't even allow a hit after the second inning, and no AL batter reached base after the third inning. The NL batters on the other hand, had eight hits, but just couldn't get the runs home. Lee Smith takes the win. Jay Howell takes the loss, and the only players who didn't get in the game were relievers Dave Righetti & Tom Henke from the AL, and John Franco & Steve Bedrosian from the NL.

If you want to see the .DAT files that I used (I still don't know how to download these onto the blog , so please just take a look at the screen caps below). If anyone can e-mail me instructions, please do so at Below is the AL .DAT file, then the NL .DAT file:

Now that the 1987 All-Star Games are officially over, on Tuesday, I will introduce the 1988 End of Year All-Star teams. Simulations to come by Sunday night.

Hopefully by the end of next week, I'll have some U & H to break (or buy on the Bay...)


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