Tuesday, October 20, 2009

2010 Topps The Cards Your Mother Threw Out = 2001 Topps Through the Years???

That friend of the blog tdlindgren really is something else. If there was a code to crack, he can figure it out. Or so it seems. Based on just wild speculation on his part, it actually makes sense. You know that new insert set called "Cards Your Mother Threw Out"? Well, he is guessing (and it's a pretty good guess) that this is going to be a reprint set (akin to 2001's Through the Years), but now including designs from the 21st century (2000-2009). If you don't click on the comment on the last post, take a gander at what he wrote:

"The cards and inserts look great! I'm interested in "The Cards Your Mother Threw Out" inserts. My guess is based on the picture (1960 Yaz) that they will be reprints. Looking at the intial checklist, I came up with the corresponding reprints. Seems to make sense to me. Of course subject to change!"

The Cards Your Mother Threw Out
MTO1 Mickey Mantle (1952)
MTO2 Jackie Robinson (1953)
MTO3 Ernie Banks (1954)
MTO4 Duke Snider (1955)
MTO5 Luis Aparicio (1956)
MTO6 Frank Robinson (1957)
MTO7 Orlando Cepeda (1958)
MTO8 Bob Gibson (1959)
MTO9 Carl Yastrzemski (1960)
MTO10 Roger Maris (1961)
MTO11 Mickey Mantle (1962)
MTO12 Stan Musial (1963)
MTO13 Brooks Robinson (1964)
MTO14 Juan Marichal (1965)
MTO15 Jim Palmer (1966)
MTO16 Willie McCovey (1967)
MTO17 Mickey Mantle (1968)
MTO18 Reggie Jackson (1969)
MTO19 Steve Carlton (1970)
MTO20 Thurman Munson (1971)
MTO21 Tom Seaver (1972)
MTO22 Johnny Bench (1973)
MTO23 Dave Winfield (1974)
MTO24 Robin Yount (1975)
MTO25 Mike Schmidt (1976)
MTO26 Reggie Jackson (1977)
MTO27 Nolan Ryan (1978)
MTO28 Ozzie Smith (1979)
MTO29 Rickey Henderson (1980)
MTO30 Eddie Murray (1981)
MTO31 Paul Molitor (1982)
MTO32 Ryne Sandberg (1983)
MTO33 Don Mattingly (1984)
MTO34 Dwight Gooden (1985)
MTO35 Tony Gwynn (1986)
MTO36 Bo Jackson (1987)
MTO37 Nolan Ryan (1988)
MTO38 Gary Sheffield (1989)
MTO39 Frank Thomas (1990)
MTO40 Chipper Jones (1991)
MTO41 Manny Ramirez (1992)
MTO42 Derek Jeter (1993)
MTO43 Tony Gwynn (1994)
MTO44 Mike Piazza (1995)
MTO45 Cal Ripken (1996)
MTO46 Pedro Martinez (1997)
MTO47 Alex Rodriguez (1998)
MTO48 Ivan Rodriguez (1999)
MTO49 Randy Johnson (2000)
MTO50 Ichiro (2001)
MTO51 Albert Pujols (2002)
MTO52 Kevin Youkilis (2003)
MTO53 Alfonso Soriano (2004)
MTO54 Ryan Howard (2005)
MTO55 Alex Gordon (2006)
MTO56 Dustin Pedroia (2007)
MTO57 Tim Lincecum (2008)
MTO58 Evan Longoria (2009)

If this is correct, look who's lined up to represent the classic 2006 Topps design??? I can't wait to see how Topps handles this one.

Also, on a totally unrelated note, and the point of me posting this in the first place. New information shows that there will be a new MLB Properties Rookie Card Logo that will appear on official Rookie Cards everywhere in 2010. And check out how it looks.

I'm loving this. If this doesn't get that other card company rattled...


JayBee Anama


PAB said...

I figured they would have used the Nolan Ryan rookie card instead of the 88 Topps Card.

Jeremya1um said...

I'm sure everyone's Mom threw out their 2009 Topps Evan Longoria. It's a great idea for an insert set, but I would've stopped it with the 1975 set and done multiple cards from '75 and before. After 1975, people saved cards, and I'm sure that few, if any mothers threw their kid's collection out.

Rod (Padrographs) said...

Looking at the sell sheet on the beckett blog that the cards your mother through away http://blogbeckett.wordpress.com/2009/10/20/first-look-2010-topps-baseball-cards/millioncard/
is a giveaway for every base card since 1952. Maybe there is a giveaway and reprint set.

TDLindgren said...

It will be interesting to see if they indeed produce a 2006 Topps Alex Gordon reprint card. Not only that, but again speculating on the years, they could produce a couple other rare reprint cards. 1977 Topps Reggie Jackson (Orioles uniform) and 1990 Topps Frank Thomas with no name on the front. That way they could have 3 reprints of cards that Topps threw out! :)

Mishapman said...

I've been writing to Topps once or twice a year about doing a 2006 Gordon reprint as a future insert since that card came out. I would have been happy as heck with it being a single card insert. I hate that hole in my complete set.

Whether my input had any influence, I don't know, but I'll be scanning eBay as soon as people start breaking cases.