Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Information for 2010 Topps Series 1 is Up!!!

The number one source in the hobby has images and initial checklists of the highly anticipated 2010 Topps Baseball Cards.

Series I will be a 330 card set filled with the usual players, rookies, league leaders, combo cards, and team cards makes a return in 2010. But it's the insert sets that I'm looking forward to as well. The insert themes are interesting to say the least.

As you probably all have read, Topps is buying back one million cards from the past 60 years worth of products and are reinserting them (or redemptions for the older, larger, and more expensive cards) into packs of 2010 Topps. Along with the buy backs, the following insert sets will be included in packs:

The Cards Your Mother Threw Out: Either these are reprints of cards from years gone by or they are similar to the Trading Card History series from 2008.

The History of the Game: Similar to the Legends of the Game series, but highlights historic events in baseball history (Ruth's sale to the Yankees, Jackie Robinson's debut, etc)

Tales of the Game: Another similar theme to HoG, but will discuss things like the invention of the DH, and the 1969 Mets for example.

Past and Present: Pairs legends of the game with today's superstars (don't they do this in Topps Heritage???) Autos and Relics will abound here.

When They Were Young: Features today's superstars in pictures of their youth (the Wright card utilizes the 1980 Topps design...draw your own conclusions as to how this set is going to look). This is similar to the "Boyhood Photos" from 1972.

Peak Performance: Showcasing players past and present, and highlighting something of significance. Again, Autos and Relics should be aplenty here.

Turkey Red: Makes a return as the continuity insert, but this time, the design used for 2007 Turkey Red will be used (the light colored wood picture frames used for the boxers in the original T3 set).

Logoman Patches: Topps first attempt at including the MLB logo (is this Harmon Killebrew?) in cards. The "Thumb in Nose" set to their competitors. Also will be used as a continuity program. How and why is anybody's guess.

The usual parallels make a comeback (gold, black, platinum, silk). ToppsTown cards, Sketch Cards, cut signatures, World Series relics, and even a 1961 Mantle Relic card is in the offering as well.

If you want the checklist (and remember, it's subject to change), the boys and girls at Beckett has it:

More information coming soon.


JayBee Anama


TDLindgren said...

The cards and inserts look great! I'm interested in the "Cards Your Mother Threw Out" inserts. My guess is based on the picture (1960 Yaz) that they will be reprints. Looking at the intial checklist, I came up with the corresponding reprints. Seems to make sense to me. Of course subject to change!

The Cards Your Mother Threw Out
MTO1 Mickey Mantle (1952)
MTO2 Jackie Robinson (1953)
MTO3 Ernie Banks (1954)
MTO4 Duke Snider (1955)
MTO5 Luis Aparicio (1956)
MTO6 Frank Robinson (1957)
MTO7 Orlando Cepeda (1958)
MTO8 Bob Gibson (1959)
MTO9 Carl Yastrzemski (1960)
MTO10 Roger Maris (1961)
MTO11 Mickey Mantle (1962)
MTO12 Stan Musial (1963)
MTO13 Brooks Robinson (1964)
MTO14 Juan Marichal (1965)
MTO15 Jim Palmer (1966)
MTO16 Willie McCovey (1967)
MTO17 Mickey Mantle (1968)
MTO18 Reggie Jackson (1969)
MTO19 Steve Carlton (1970)
MTO20 Thurman Munson (1971)
MTO21 Tom Seaver (1972)
MTO22 Johnny Bench (1973)
MTO23 Dave Winfield (1974)
MTO24 Robin Yount (1975)
MTO25 Mike Schmidt (1976)
MTO26 Reggie Jackson (1977)
MTO27 Nolan Ryan (1978)
MTO28 Ozzie Smith (1979)
MTO29 Rickey Henderson (1980)
MTO30 Eddie Murray (1981)
MTO31 Paul Molitor (1982)
MTO32 Ryne Sandberg (1983)
MTO33 Don Mattingly (1984)
MTO34 Dwight Gooden (1985)
MTO35 Tony Gwynn (1986)
MTO36 Bo Jackson (1987)
MTO37 Nolan Ryan (1988)
MTO38 Gary Sheffield (1989)
MTO39 Frank Thomas (1990)
MTO40 Chipper Jones (1991)
MTO41 Manny Ramirez (1992)
MTO42 Derek Jeter (1993)
MTO43 Tony Gwynn (1994)
MTO44 Mike Piazza (1995)
MTO45 Cal Ripken (1996)
MTO46 Pedro Martinez (1997)
MTO47 Alex Rodriguez (1998)
MTO48 Ivan Rodriguez (1999)
MTO49 Randy Johnson (2000)
MTO50 Ichiro (2001)
MTO51 Albert Pujols (2002)
MTO52 Kevin Youkilis (2003)
MTO53 Alfonso Soriano (2004)
MTO54 Ryan Howard (2005)
MTO55 Alex Gordon (2006)
MTO56 Dustin Pedroia (2007)
MTO57 Tim Lincecum (2008)
MTO58 Evan Longoria (2009)

Brady James said...

I just looked it up, JayBee, and the Harmon Killebrew, was the model for the logo.

GOGOSOX60 said...

So why are some base cards with just "city names" and other base cards with city and team names, and some just teams names?? Do we need to see some more base cards??

I always like throwback cards like "mom tossed out cards". They should be on old cardboard stock...maybe even an old gum stain that is numbered!!