Wednesday, October 21, 2009

2009 Topps Updates & Highlights Target and Walmart Legends of the Game Checklists For Those Who Need Them

Topps is concluding both the Target and WalMart exclusive Legends of the Game Insert Sets with exclusive inserts found in packs of the new Updates and Highlights product. As many of the subjects did not appear in either series I or II, I don't think that these cards will add to the existing timelines in either series. And as before, Target has the gold set, Walmart has the Platinum set. Enclosed are the checklists for both exclusive sets:

LLG21 Rickey Henderson
LLG22 Ozzie Smith
LLG23 Babe Ruth
LLG24 Roger Maris
LLG25 Nolan Ryan
LLG26 Reggie Jackson
LLG27 Frank Robinson
LLG28 Ryne Sandberg
LLG29 Steve Carlton
LLG30 Johnny Bench

LLP21 Babe Ruth
LLP22 Rickey Henderson
LLP23 Roger Maris
LLP24 Nolan Ryan
LLP25 Reggie Jackson
LLP26 Steve Carlton
LLP27 Tony Gwynn
LLP28 Paul Molitor
LLP29 Brooks Robinson
LLP30 Wade Boggs

The Cereal Boxes also had Store Exclusive inserts in chrome form for series 1 and 2, and that is again the case here in Updates and Highlights. Here is what you can EXPECT to be in either set:

GR21 Rickey Henderson
GR22 Ozzie Smith
GR23 Babe Ruth
GR24 Rober Maris
GR25 Nolan Ryan
GR26 Reggie Jackson
GR27 Frank Robinson
GR28 Ryne Sandberg
GR19 Steve Carlton
GR20 Johnny Bench

PR21 Babe Ruth
PR12 Rogers Hornsby
PR13 Johnny Mize
PR14 Ty Cobb
PR15 Tris Speaker
PR16 Rickey Henderson
PR17 Ozzie Smith
PR18 Nolan Ryan
PR19 Reggie Jackson
PR20 Frank Robinson

The chase continues.


JayBee Anama

P.S.: Lists were taken from the number one source of the hobby. Until confirmed, the checklists are still subject to change. jba


Grand Cards said...

Yay, no more Tigers? There's a Cobb in one of the cereal box sets, but based on his U&H card, I'm guessing it is him as a Philly A.

Collective Troll said...

Thanks for the list JayBee! Like Grand Cards I gotta say I am a little bummed with the list... No Roberto Clemente? No Satchel Paige? I'll still be buying, but I am waiting on hobby...