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The Monthly Comment Mailbag - March 2010 Edition

I was trying to find a video to lead into this segment, preferably a video of the Mailbag Day song from Space Ghost Coast to Coast. You know the one that goes:


That one. But I couldn't, oh well.

It's the end of the March, so I guess now is a good time to go through the comments and respond as best I can.

To friend of the blog The Drizz: The team sets from 2009 all had the plastic cases to protect the cards in the package. It looks like they're continuing that trend this year. But there are, as found in the pictures I used for the post, packages without the cases. If they boys from the Detroit Sports Collectors can verify that Fu-Ti Ne is card #14 on the Tigers Team set, then I believe that he's #14 in all the sets. Last year, the Mariners' team set had Jarrod Washburn as #SEA8. When I opened my set, #8 in the set was Ken Griffey, Jr.

To Stale Gum man Chris Harris: Hey, at least they got it fixed for the team set (he's talking about Halladay's number on the Phillies card. Halladay's Topps Opening Day card had him wearing the Phillies #32, but that number is retired. Based on the picture on my post, and by the looks of Chris' post, it has been since corrected in the team sets).

To reader Eddie Z: No, that Eddie Murray card is from the Card Your Mother Threw Out original backs set, not the eponymous set. It's numbered #490 because that's the card number of the original 1981 Topps card. I'd ask to see if you want to trade it to me, but I already have the card.

To friend of the blog Joe McAnally of The Baseball Card Cyber Museum: I know you have 1954 cards on your site, but they're the reprint cards (the ones with the four borders), and I wanted to use an image of the original card. Just to let you know that I think it's fantastic that you're getting around to scanning the rest of the 50's and 60's cards to complete those sets and I promise I'll use your site for my Retro Sundays cards scans first.

To Captain Canuck: So if Topps didn't win the license to make NHL hockey cards, can they still make Puck Attax next year? Wouldn't this mean that they could probably do the same kind of thing for the NBA and NFL??? I don't know how that would necessarily work for football, but basketball is something of a possibility, especially if they can market it as a game product.

To friends of the blog Mariner1 and cynicalbuddha: Thank you for nominating the blogroll for the UD awards. Although I knew there'd be no way in heck my blog would even be considered, I'm surprised that they didn't take the blogroll into consideration. I guess there really was no place to fit it in any of their categories. And for the record, I'm abstaining from voting in the blog category. The fact that one of the blog nominees literally started their blog THIS MONTH, and another isn't as relevant as it once was, plus many of the more notable blogs weren't even selected for the final ballot, I don't understand. I am pulling for the Junkie though.

To friend of the blog Tdlindgren: Eventually I'll get the scans up. Maybe if and when I complete both sets I'll display them all the SP cards at once. It's still a challenge to complete the sets from 2009 and this year, and I'm hoping not to be too far behind before 2010 Series 2 hits.

To The Angry Sports Card Guy: You know I'd love to go to one of these shows on a Sunday. I've heard that many of the dealers sell their cards at lower prices on Sundays because they want to get rid of as much stuff as they can so they don't carry back too much with them. That's just what I've heard, I don't know if that's true. I'm glad you had a good time.

To Anonymous (John): Thank you for seeing my point. The fact that nobody even noticed the Milton Bradley/Abe card until just this month, two months after the product went live, goes to show that we are ALL GUILTY of not really looking at the base cards when we open our packs.

To Dayf: The 2005 Topps Red Sox card was one I explained here, and I apologize for not linking this post to the "I Like Gimmicks" post. Basically, the checklist for 2005 Topps series 1 ended with card #367. However, people were finding a card #368, one of the Boston Red Sox World Series Highlights without the foil lettering in packs. There were not that many to go around (at the time). And with Series 2 checklists beginning with #369, one had to wonder where this card actually belonged, or for that matter if the card was really a rare card? However, all 2005 Topps factory sets (at least the ones I opened), also had #368. And with millions of these things printed (an exaggeration of course of the actual print run...although with 10 different factory sets, who knows?), that ended the speculation.

To reader Phil Melitta: Thanks for the tip. It was a lot of fun looking at all those older roto images. I'm surprised that they were all still up. You'd have thought that once the season started, they'd be gone. To bad about the 2006 site though. I would have loved to see the pictures used in the 1985 Topps design.

To Bo: I'd like to answer that, but this is a family blog. Good eye though. How can you tell though? I mean the people in the stands, with the exception of Abe, are all blurry on the picture.

And on that happy note, this ends the Mailbag segment. I'm going to try and do this at the end of every month. We'll see how far that goes. Thanks to all who left comments. Please continue to do so as it lets me know that people are still actually reading this blog.


JayBee Anama

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