Saturday, February 28, 2009

If You Were Looking For the Sports Card Blog Directory...

When I first started this humble little blog, one of the first things I did, (okay, it was at least the fifth or sixth) was try to get a little publicity that I was joining the blogosphere. To do that, I searched for blogs that I thought had a large viewing audience. Sure enough, after contacting a few people, I was added to a few blogrolls. One of them was the Sports Card Blog Directory, run by everyone's favorite Hobby Blogger, Mario Alejandro.

Mario's goal was to add more and more bloggers to the rolls, so that all of us who write about the Hobby we love so much, could get some recognition and at least show that this little niche is starting to grow. He even featured a number of bloggers in the main part of the directory so that the readers can see what each blog was about.

In July, I created the Sports Card Blogroll because I wanted the ability to keep up with some of other Hobby blogs, and click on the articles I wanted to read without having to search through other blogger's link lists to find their site. It was more of a tool for me to use, but as I said at the time I announced the creation of the site on my blog, others are free to use it too.

Lately, however, it seemed (as I was reading it, looking for new blogs to add) that the work involved in maintaining such a directory was becoming less of a priority. Mario even had admitted that he wasn't able to give as much attention to the directory as he had liked, and had asked around to see if someone could either take over the responsibility. He was able to update the blog (with the help of the guy from Treasures Never Buried), but that seemed to be a one time thing.

This afternoon, I received an e-mail from Mr. Wax Heaven asking what percentage of the Hobby Blogs do I have in my blogroll. As of right now, I have 197 active blogs (as far back as six months for some blogs who haven't posted in a while), which conservatively, could be at least 75% - 85% of the active blogosphere. After asking him why, he said he was thinking of shutting down the directory and wanted to recommend my blogroll. I said I'd be honored. This evening, he announced this on Wax Heaven:

The Sports Cards Blog Directory is officially closed.

and linked the Sports Card Blogroll as it's replacement.

So to all who have come looking for the Sports Card Blog Directory, I welcome you to my Sports Card Blogroll. Temporarily, I am removing the "view 25" option from the roll so that you can see all 197 sites that I have added over the last six months. If you have a Hobby blog, and don't see your site on the blogroll, please e-mail me at and let me know about your site so I can add it to the list. At 197 active blogs (give or take), we can show the Hobby world that the blogging community is growing.

Are we the new media? Perhaps. Will we take down the establishment? That remains to be seen. If that ever happens, at least we're here to pick up the slack.

Mario, I thank you for the opportunity. And to the Hobby blogging community, welcome to the Sports Card Blogroll!!! Feel free to click on the sponsor's site listed just underneath. I'm sure he could use a bit of publicity himself (okay ego, that wasn't necessary...).


JayBee Anama

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Wax Heaven said...

Great write-up. Thanks for caring so much about the Card Blogging Community!