Friday, February 6, 2009

It's Official...19 Short Prints in 2009 Topps Series I

The fine folks at Beckett confirmed it with Topps this morning. Along with the seventeen known short printed legends (CMG) cards, there are only the two unannounced SP's that were discovered this week on the Bay.

For those keeping score, here is the official SP checklist:
  • #1 Alex Rodriguez. #1b Babe Ruth.
  • #2 Omar Vizquel. #2b Pee Wee Reese
  • #10 Dan Uggla. #10b Rogers Hornsby.
  • #30 Ken Griffey, Jr. #30b Jackie Robinson.
  • #44 Geoff Jenkins. #44b Barack Obama.
  • #60 Mariano Rivera. #60b Cy Young.
  • #66 Dustin Pedroia. #66b Ty Cobb.
  • #115 Kevin Youkilis. #115b George Sisler.
  • #170 CC Sabathia/Brewers. #170b CC Sabathia/Yankees.
  • #195 Tim Lincecum. #195b Christy Mathewson.
  • #200 Chase Utley. #200b Jimmie Foxx.
  • #205 Miguel Tejada. #205b Honus Wagner.
  • #210 Geovany Soto. #210b Roy Campanella.
  • #240 Ryan Braun. #240b Mel Ott.
  • #270 Grady Sizemore. #270b Tris Speaker.
  • #287 Greg Maddux. #287b Walter Johnson.
  • #290 Albert Pujols. #290b Lou Gehrig.
  • #305 Ivan Rodriguez. #305b Thurman Munson.
  • #320 Miguel Cabrera. #320b Johnny Mize.
I knew the original checklist was subject to change.


JayBee Anama


Anonymous said...

What is the chechlist in legends of the Game from 2009 Topps Hobby?

tastelikedirt said...

Why do they number them like that I wonder?

PAB said...

Those Short Prints are tough to pull. A couple of frineds (Pete at Dropped Third Strike & William at Foul Bunt) and I opened up a case of jumbo packs and William picked up an extra box of jumbos and came up with three of them (the Obama, Munson, and CC w/ the Yankees). The set is awesome though clearly superior to 07 and 08.

The Drizz said...

so what's the deal with the sp's? are some harder to pull/shorter than others? i have the mantle, i need the cobb. you can get the mantle on ebay or beckett for cheap (.50 cents to a dollar), but the cobb's going for about 8 bucks on the 'bay and there's only one on beckett marketplace and it's 40 bucks! have the case crackers, mass sellers not caught up yet or is the mantle way over printed?

TDLindgren said...

The Mantle is not an SP and just part of the regular set. Although there are some eBayers that are trying to pass it off as an SP or an error card because it has "SS" in the front instead of "OF". Unless they end up correcting it, it's just a regular Mantle card and a pretty sweet one at that in my opinion.

The Drizz said...

thanks TDL. just randomly bought a rack/jumbo pack today at meijer and got another, so i figured as much ;). i ain't that lucky!