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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

How About We Separate the Pies from the Legends???

In an update to the previous post, hofmichael of the FCB has confirmed that Hornsby is card #90 and Sandberg is card #300.

And just recently, a Hank Greenberg card #1 was spotted on the Bay.

Can't miss him, he's on the top, middle card.

Why am I asking to separate the Yankees "Pie in the Face" cards from the Legends SP's?

Because according to hofmichael, there is a variation to card #120 of Jorge Posada...with Pie in the Face.

So let's get down to business. As it stands, we know of 24 Short printed cards. Of which, 19 are of legends:

#1b Hank Greenberg
#20b Warren Spahn
#50b Cy Young
#80b Christy Mathewson
#85b Jackie Robinson
#90b Rogers Hornsby
#94b Carlton Fisk
#95b Rickey Henderson
#100b Stan Musial
#110b Willie Stargell
#116b Robin Yount
#125b George Sisler
#130b Reggie Jackson
#165b Joe Morgan
#175b Roger Maris
#200b Walter Johnson
#250b Lou Gehrig
#294b Babe Ruth
#300b Ryne Sandberg

One is a uniform variation (similar to the 2009 CC Sabathia card)
#222b Curtis Granderson NYY

And the other four are "Pie in the Face" (or PITF) cards
#65b Nick Swisher PITF
#120b Jorge Posada PITF
#250c Mark Teixeira PITF
#422 Francisco Cervelli PITF

According to the NY Times, this "Pie in the Face" thing is new thing that started this year, thanks to A. J. Burnett. And this was done 15 times!!! Other Yankees who've been pied include:

Robinson Cano
Alex Rodriguez
Juan Miranda
Jerry Hairston
Johnny Damon
Melky Cabrera
Hideki Matsui
Joe Girardi
Luis Castillo (not a Met, but at this point, you never know).

I don't think I'm going to go after the Pie in the Face set (this opinion subject to change). But by all means, especially Yankees fans...GO NUTS!!!


JayBee Anama


TDLindgren said...

Number 19 of the Legends, Hank Greenberg #1.

Big Daddy said...

There is a Johnny Damon pie card on the bay right now....