Friday, November 9, 2012

Missed It Again, Doing It Now...Another Blogroll Update.

It's already November 9, and I just realized now that I didn't do the usual monthly maintenance on the Sports Card Blogroll. Instead of giving the reasons why, it would be better just to get it started. On to the details.

After cleaning out the blogroll at the beginning of October, the SCBR had 355 active blogs and one new inductee into the SCBR Hall of Fame (Vintage Sportscards). As of right now, there are 361 active blogs, thanks in part to the Night Owl who has a lot more blogs on his blogroll than I do. So the big roll picked up six new blogs. Thanks Greg.

Here are the blogs that sadly will have to be removed thanks to six months of inactivity:
The removal of these eleven blogs brings us down to 350 active blogs on the blogroll, for a net loss of -5 from the last cycle.

I have been noticing a trend lately. Many of the bloggers that have been in the community for a long time have seemed to move on to other ventures, which is a good thing. To wit:
While we should celebrate the successes of these esteemed members of our community, the rest of us who blog for fun, for trading, for information, for entertainment, for a sense of community, should continue on contributing and writing on our own blogs. It's become a second Hobby for many of us to write weblogs, and we should keep it up. If you, or somebody you know, is writing a blog about the Hobby of collecting sports cards, please e-mail me at and let me know about it. If your blog appeared on this list as being removed, or if you have a blog that hasn't been updated lately and you plan on bringing it back to relevance, please let me know as well. I had hoped that we would reach 400 blogs by the end of the year. That may have been too ambitious a goal, not entirely unrealistic. Maybe in 2013. Thanks.


JayBee Anama

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