Saturday, November 17, 2012

The Philippines in the World Baseball Classic? Maybe Next Time.

I may have jinxed the boys from home.  Ikinalulungkot ko tungkol doon. (I'm sorry about that.)

After my post celebrating their victory over Thailand (yes, I wrote Taiwan at first, thanks to the vexillologists who pointed that out to me),

And I even had the flag card for Thailand too.  #headslap

the WBC team from the Philippines promptly lost to the heavily favored Chinese Taipei team 16-0 (that's right...they had to end the game thanks to the Mercy Rule) in the final play-in game, and then lost to the New Zealand team in the losers bracket by a score of 10-6.

Now New Zealand, who lost to Chinese Taipei 10-0 in their first meeting, gets to face them a second time in the finals.  The winner gets to play in next year's tournament.  The losing team goes home.  Now, upsets are possible.  Maybe the Kiwis can pull it off.

Then again, if Taipei hasn't even allowed a run in this entire tournament, the chances are pretty good that they will win this bracket.

Hey, but for one day, it was good to be a fan of the Philippines.


JayBee Anama

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