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bdj610's 1992 End of Year All-Star Teams Simulated Games Results

I have finally finished simulating the All-Star Games using my 1992 End of Year All-Star Teams. And this will mark the first time that a team loses the seven-game simulation series and wins the one-game All-Star Game. And even though I spent most of my weekend watching the real All-Star Game highlights on the MLB Network (I love that station), the one game simulation, if it was a real game, would have ranked among the best All-Star Games...EVER!!!

As always, I simulated seven games (six series between starters, and one series where the lineups, starting rotations changed on a daily basis), by playing each one 10,000 times.

The first six games I simulated used each starting pitcher on both sides at least once, and all position players started a minimum of two games each. Here are the results:

  • Game 1: NL vs. AL, Greg Maddux vs. Kevin Brown. The NL wins 6,391 games out of 10,000 simulations (using a DH).
  • Game 2: NL vs. AL, Tom Glavine vs. Jack McDowell. The NL wins 5,263 games (using a DH).
  • Game 3: AL vs. NL, Mike Mussina vs. Mike Morgan. The AL wins 5,350 games.
  • Game 4: AL vs, NL, Juan Guzman vs. Bob Tewksbury. The AL wins 5,283 games.
  • Game 5: AL vs. NL, Roger Clemens vs. John Smoltz. The AL wins 5,359 games. This is the first series ever simulated that had no batting highlights, but there were 21 no-hitters pitched, 15 by Smoltz.
  • Game 6: NL vs. AL, Dennis Martinez vs. Mark Langston. The AL wins 5,254 games (using a DH).
  • Game 7: NL vs. AL, anything goes. The AL wins 5,044 games (using a DH) in a very close series.
So the AL wins the regular series 5 games to 2. Would they fare just as well in the one-game ASG???

For the official All-Star Game, I decided to just simulate one game and one game only. The starting pitchers were Maddux and Brown and I let them pitch two innings (unless they struggled badly). The rest of the pitchers would get one inning each (unless they struggled badly). The position players were replaced every three innings. No pinch hitters here, (as in previous tries, the pinch hitter is taken out of the game). The DH's (Mark Grace of the NL and Frank Thomas of the AL) were never replaced.

The starting lineups, first for the National League (I'm using 1993 Topps cards because these are the cards I used to represent the players on my All-Star teams):

Now the American League starting lineup:

Here is the result:

The 1992 NL All-Stars mount a comeback in the ninth to beat the 1992 AL All-Stars by a final score of 8-5.

The box score is below (Just click on the picture to take a closer look.

The scoring plays were like this:

Bottom 2: Greg Maddux pitching. Joe Carter grounds out to Darren Daulton (2-3). Frank Thomas flies out to Tony Gwynn (9). Mickey Tettleton hits a home run.

Bottom 4: Bob Tewksbury pitching. Paul Molitor grounds out to Craig Biggio (4-3). Roberto Kelly singles. Frank Thomas walks, Kelly advances to second. Ivan Rodriguez singles, Kelly advances to third, Thomas advances to second. Ruben Sierra singles, Kelly scoring, Thomas advances to third, Rodriguez advances to second. Travis Fryman pops up to Gary Sheffield (5UP), Thomas scores as he beats the throw home.

Top 7: Mark Langston pitching. Will Clark doubles. Tom Pagnozzi strikes out. Ron Gant grounds out to Chuck Knoblauch (4-3), Clark advances to third. Gary Sheffield hits a home run, Clark scoring.

Bottom 7: Dennis Martinez pitching. Edgar Martinez is hit by a pitch, goes to first. George Bell flies out to Marquis Grissom (7). Cecil Fielder hits a home run, E. Martinez scoring.

Top 9: Rick Aguilera pitching. Matt Williams grounds out to Omar Vizquel (6-3). Mark Grace singles. Barry Larkin singles, Grace advances to second. Andre Dawson singles, Grace advances to third, Larkin advances to second. On passed ball by Pat Borders, Grace scores, Larkin advances to third, Dawson advances to second. Mike Sharperson singles, Larkin scoring, Dawson advances to third. Brett Butler reaches first on fielders choice, Dawson scores as he beats the throw home. Dennis Eckersley pitching. John Kruk hits a home run, Sharperson scoring, Butler scoring.

Your starters, Greg Maddux and Kevin Brown. John Kruk is the MVP.

So the National League, who didn't even get their first hit until the fifth inning on a Gary Sheffield single, scores six runs in the top of the ninth, coming back from a 5-2 defecit to win the game 8-5. If this game actually existed, the MVP award would have gone to John Kruk (2-2, 1 hr, 3 rbi's, breaking the game open in the ninth). Doug Jones picks up the victory, Rick Aguilera takes the loss, and Lee Smith picks up the save, and the only players who didn't get in the game were pitchers Norm Charlton & Sid Fernandez from the NL and Charles Nagy from the AL.

If you want to see the .DAT files that I used (I still don't know how to download these onto the blog , so please just take a look at the screen caps below). If anyone can e-mail me instructions, please do so at bdj610@hotmail.com. Below is the NL .DAT file, then the AL .DAT file:

Now that the 1992 All-Star Games are officially over, at noon on Wednesday, I will introduce the 1993 End of Year All-Star teams. Simulations for games with those rosters to come hopefully by Sunday night.


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Man, I gotta tell you I love these. Keep up the great work!