Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Weaver Replaces Sabathia on AL ASG Roster

One of the new roster rules apparently is that if the pitcher selected to the All-Star Team is scheduled to start on the Sunday before the All-Star Break, he now becomes ineligible to participate in the game on Tuesday. This means pitchers like CC Sabathia, who according to manager Joe Girardi, was scheduled to pitch the final game before the break, isn't going to pitch in the game. This was planned by Girardi by design. Knowing that Sabathia scheduled turn on the rotation was going to be on Sunday, Girardi specifically selected CC so that he could add fellow Yankee Andy Pettitte to the AL's All-Star Team later. However, the injury to Red Sox pitcher Clay Buchholz allowed Girardi to add Pettitte anyway. So who is Sabathia's replacement?

It was just announced today that Jered Weaver, pitcher for the host Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, has been selected to take Sabathia's place on the All-Star Team.

This will be Weaver's first All-Star Game appearance, and many fans have been calling for him to somehow get on this roster since the teams were announced on Sunday. He now joins fellow Angel Torii Hunter on the team.

For those adding cards to your All-Star Game binder (what...you're NOT??!), Weaver's 2010 Topps card is #466, and on the 17-card team set, his card is #LAA13.


JayBee Anama

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