Sunday, July 11, 2010

Sabathia and Cahill Out of the ASG, Weaver(*), Verlander, and Bailey Named Replacements.

These new roster rules are getting to be more and more complicated. Here we go.

The new rule states that any starting pitcher who pitches on the Sunday before the All-Star Game becomes ineligible to participate in the game. Meaning, while both are still going to the ASG festivities, and both will get whatever bonuses may come for being named to the All-Star Team, neither one is going to play in the game. Meaning, AL manager Joe Girardi has to name replacements. Here goes.

To clarify the original clarification, Jered Weaver IS going to be named as an All-Star, replacing Sabathia. However, (and this is where it gets messy), Weaver started today's ballgame as well, taking a loss in their game against...Cahill's Athletics (Cahill got the win here). So Weaver joins Hunter as the lone Angels hosting the game. So Justin Verlander of the Detroit Tigers has been named as Weaver's replacement and will join fellow Tigers Miguel Cabrera and Jose Valverde at Anaheim.

Cahill's replacement is Athletics' closer Andrew Bailey. Bailey is now a 2-time All-Star, being named to the team last year (the only rookie and the first 2009 debutant to be named onto the squad). Both Cahill and Bailey will take part in the festivities, but Bailey will be added to the active roster.

Break out your 2010 Topps binders and take out Verlander's #615 or DET12 cards, along with Bailey's #186 or OAK8 cards, and add them to your All-Star binder.


JayBee Anama

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