Friday, July 9, 2010

2010 Topps Update Series Sell Sheets are Live!!!

The highly anticipated sell sheets for 2010 Topps Update Series (no longer being called Updates and Highlights) are out. See scans below for more information.

As previously announced card #661 (the Stephen Strasburg card that will be included in every factory set) will also be inserted here. As it is going to be numbered #661, it technically isn't part of the actual Update Series (the cards will be numbered #US1 to #US330).

The official breakdown of the 330 card set includes:

  • 187 veterans (Matt Thornton and Omar Infante are confirmed on the checklist, Arthur Rhodes and Evan Meek are not...there are a lot of TBD's so here's hoping)
  • 55 rookies (including Strasburg, so he will have a card within the set...according to the Topps fact sheet, although the breakdown page says 45 rookies...that might be an error)
  • 10 "Rookie Debut" cards (featuring ten rookies and what they did in the major league debut...hey it's not the MLB Debut set I've been screaming for, but it's a start. Jason Heyward and nine others will be featured here).
  • 60 All-Stars (which is ridiculous because there are 68 All-Stars, active players, on both rosters...eight guys, possibly more, will be missing in this subset)
  • 8 Home Run Derby participants (As of right now, that would be Ortiz, Cabrera, Wells, Hart, Holliday, and three others TBD)
  • 10 Classic Combos/Checklists
The variation cards this time around will include fifteen legends and 10 "historic franchises" that no longer exist (possibilities could include the Seattle Pilots, St. Louis Browns, Montréal Expos, Brooklyn Dodgers, Cleveland Spiders, who knows). Again, the variations have a print run of 3,000 cards each.

The Cards Your Mother Threw Out continuity finally ends in the Update Series. It's another 58 cards, but this time many of them, specifically the ones towards the end of the series, are going to be reprints of Topps Traded cards (or should be anyway). To wit, here is the preliminary checklist:

CMT117 Eddie Mathews (1952)
CMT118 John Podres (1953)
CMT119 Tom Lasorda (1954)
CMT120 Harmon Killebrew (1955)
CMT121 Jackie Robinson (1956)
CMT122 Yogi/Mantle (1957)
CMT123 Roger Maris (1958)
CMT124 Lew Burdette (1959)
CMT125 Roger Maris (1960)
CMT126 Carl Yastrzemski (1961)
CMT127 Lou Brock (1962)
CMT128 Willie McCovey (1963)
CMT129 Willie Stargell (1964)
CMT130 Ernie Banks (1965)
CMT131 Robin Roberts (1966)
CMT132 Brooks Robinson (1967)
CMT133 Tom Seaver (1968)
CMT134 Mickey Mantle (1969)
CMT135 Nolan Ryan (1970)
CMT136 Steve Garvey (1971)
CMT137 Frank Robinson (1972)
CMT138 Luis Aparicio (1973)
CMT139 Juan Marichal (1974)
CMT140 Yogi/Campanella (1975)
CMT141 Fergie Jenkins (1976)
CMT142 Mark Fidrych (1977)
CMT143 Andre Dawson (1978)
CMT144 Dale Murphy (1979)
CMT145 Lou Brock/Yastrzemski (1980)
CMT146 Dave Winfield (1981)
CMT147 Cal Ripken Jr. (1982)
CMT148 Wade Boggs (1983)
CMT149 Dwight Gooden (1984)
CMT150 Gary Carter (1985)
CMT151 Bo Jackson (1986)
CMT152 Greg Maddux (1987)
CMT153 Roberto Alomar (1988)
CMT154 Ken Griffey, Jr. (1989)
CMT155 Larry Walker (1990)
CMT156 Ivan Rodriguez (1991)
CMT157 Jason Varitek (1992)
CMT158 Todd Helton (1993)
CMT159 Billy Wagner (1994)
CMT160 Juan Lebron (1995)
CMT161 Chipper Jones (1996)
CMT162 Derek Jeter (1997)
CMT163 Piazza/Griffey, Jr. (1998)
CMT164 CC Sabathia (1999)
CMT165 Miguel Cabrera (2000)
CMT166 Albert Pujols (2001)
CMT167 Mark Prior (2002)
CMT168 Robinson Cano (2003)
CMT169 Felix Hernandez (2004)
CMT170 Ryan Braun (2005)
CMT171 Jon Lester (2006)
CMT172 Justin Upton (2007)
CMT173 Evan Longoria (2008)
CMT174 Tommy Hanson (2009)

Product information is here. A preliminary checklist can be found here, only because tried to put it out as a .pdf file and the document crashed. But remember, it is always subject to change.

Bring on November!!!


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