Friday, April 10, 2009

From One Big Daddy to Another, Thank You

I received an e-mail from friend of the blog and commenter Big Daddy saying that he found the 2008 Topps U&H Lance Berkman Dick Perez card that I've been searching for. He said he was getting it in a trade, and when it arrives that he is sending it to me, as long as I shot him my address. I replied in kind, telling him that I would thank him profusely when the card arrived.

Well, the card arrived today...

To Chris Kocan, thanks for thinking of me, and thank you for the card. I can finally put my 2008 Topps set to rest now. I am going to go through your want lists and see if I can find anything to send to you as a thank you.

If you would like to help Big Daddy cut down his want lists, please go to his want list website. He has all his trade and needs lists here. I just wish I was this organized.


JayBee Anama

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